Kingsway Music Library Vol.3 Review

Kingsway Music Library Vol.3 Review

Nothing is worse, as a producer, than coming up with a genius idea for a sample that could potentially turn into a billboard hit, only for it not to get cleared by whoever owns the rights to the material. With this being such a common problem in the industry nowadays, super-producer Frank Dukes has teamed up with our good friends at The Drum Broker to present another sample library, The Kingsway Music Library 3. Including 15 samples, plus three bonus samples (18 in total), each one is labeled with its tempo, and is presented in wav. format, ready to be loaded into any DAW instantly. Now that you’ve got some background on this library, let’s check out the samples and see how they sound!

At first, as always, I listened to all of the samples, and decided on three that I thought really shined. The first sample that caught my eye was titled “Big Time Hit Shit.” This sample instantly drew me in with its rhythmic filtered bass line, that leads into a eerie “Middle Eastern”-sounding ensemble of strings, backed with a group of filtered synths. With all of these elements combined, this sample sends you into an instant euphoria; it reminds me of an deep space adventure, yet would be the perfect back drop for a gritty street tale. This sample is completely versatile, and, in my opinion, is worth the price of the whole collection alone. What’s even more insane, is that the entire collection sounds just as great!

The next sample in this treasure chest of gems that popped out to me, was titled “Eight v3.” This insane sample starts out with what sounds like a very unique metronome, backed by a mellow bell and string ensemble. An addition of the right drums, and this sample would instantly be radio ready for a Future and Drake-type collaboration. After listening to “Eight v3” I noticed another awe- inspiring feature of the kit itself: each sample can either be manipulated and arranged to create something new, or simply just have drums added onto it, and would sound extremely dope! This is an extremely nice feature, because no matter what level of production you’re at, these samples offer something to assist you in making a hit.

The third and final sample that appealed to me in this dope collection, was named Dank Idea 2. This sample instantly captured my attention with a quick very distorted scream that pans from left to right followed by a nasty synth bass line paired with a female choir sound. While listening to this sample, I couldn’t help myself from envisioning Kendrick Lamar riding this beat, spitting the lyrics to his feature single on his next album. With this being said this sample has some extreme potential for any producer who gets his hand on it.

In conclusion The Drum Broker and Frank Dukes have officially blown my mind! Every single sample included with this collection has an amazing “radio ready” quality and provides a great foundation for any producer to make a powerful production. For the low price of $39.99 for the entire collection this is a definite must have. And for those beat smith’s who aren’t feeling the entire collection as always The Drum Broker provides the options of buying the samples individually, another extremely convenient feature! Well what are you waiting for go over to the drum broker on March 1st ( preorder available now) and get your hands on these bad boys before someone beats you to the punch trust me they are going to be a hot item!



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