J Zone’s Lunch Breaks Review

J Zone’s Lunch Breaks Review

What’s up my MM, it’s the Maschine Gang General E52BEATS back with another review. This time around I’ll be giving you the goods on one of my favorite emcees (yes..emcee, not rapper) J-Zone. I always thought that producers that were real emcees made the best producers like Lord Finesse, Diamond D, Kanye West, Large Professor and J-Zone can be added to that list with out a doubt.

J-Zone has manned the drums to bring you 31 break beat styles breaks called J-Zone Lunch Breaks. He took a lot of the classics we’ve come to love and replayed them on the drums himself and he went HARD too! I’d like to see the condition of his set after listening to these breaks cuz it sound like he put a hurtin’ on these drums.

Lunch Breaks is 62 HARD hitting breaks broken up into 2 foldersMastered (31) and Raw (31). I prefer the Raw breaks over the Mastered only because I like to add my own Eq’s and Efx, but the Raw breaks hit incredibly hard as soon as you load them. The Mastered breaks are just ready to blow your monitors out the gate!


Upon opening the 1st folder I randomly grabbed a sample called Buttermilk. The 30 plus second sample had me stuck for a good 45 minutes just thinking about all the possibilities I had in flipping these drums. That’s another good thing about all these breaks, J gives you at least 30 seconds of drumming on each break, but some are extended longer and a few shorter, but trust me you have plenty to work with here.

The next break I grabbed in the folder was Squid Nuggets. You can hear the vintage sound filling your monitors. 1960’s overhead and kick drum mic’ing techniques were employed to achieve this and J-Zone did an excellent job at making each break sound convincing. So if you love break beats or you’re just an audiophile The Lunch Breaks are definitely for you. Until next time stay tuned and stay bangin’. Peace




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