Hi-Tek presents Train of Thought Drums Review

Hi-Tek presents Train of Thought Drums Review

What’s up my MM famMaschine Gang General E52BEATS here again with what I feel is a special review. Special because this producer is one of my favorite producers when it comes to diggin’ for drums… Cincinnati’s own… Hi Tek. I remember meeting him years ago and just talking about diggin’ and realizing that this dude really knows a lot about music. I was never the type to cram my brain with every fact about the records I’ve collected over the years. I know plenty of guys like that… they can tell you every single solitary detail of every record they’ve ever heard and Hi Tek is one of those guys.

Now I must say although this kit is available for everyone, I’m also gonna say that this kit isn’t for everyone. Hi Tek samples his sounds on a MPC 3000 and you can hear it. I’ve always said the 3000 user are a special kind of group. Every producer that I know that started with the 3000 rides out with the MPC 3000 until they switch to MPC REN. That 3000 sound is an acquired taste… you either love it or you don’t.

Now with that being said, let me get into Hi Tek’s Train of Thought Drums. T.O.T was the debut album from Reflection Eternal, a group the comprised of Hi Tek and rapper Talib Kweli. This album had a ton of classic material on it and Hi Tek has now offered up the drums from this classic album to the masses. Train of Thought Drums is made up of 2 folders, the 1st is 18 folders in 16-Bit Mono and the 2nd folder is the 24-Bit Stereo version of folder one.

Since I knew these were going to be gritty drums from vinyl I wanted to hear them in 16-Bit . African Dream was first because of the alphabetical order other wise it would have been is the middle somewhere. 6 sounds in all and each one is identical to the record. I always wanted these sounds, but I’m not the type to pull a Kanye (Sample other producers sounds from their records) lol.

Memories Live are 7 nicely round kicks, snares and hi hats that will serve well in your next Boom Bap track you produce.

Now the next folder I went thru was The Blast and listening to these drums automatically put me in the zone of the that era. Having these drums is almost like having a piece of Hip Hop history because this record was a classic! I A-B’d these drums to hear the difference between the 16 and 24 bit and I was torn between the two. I liked the gritty mono sound of the kick and snare but I also liked the wide sound of the claps and shakers.

Move Something was another big record with even bigger drums. You can really see how he was laying his drums to get that big sound he was putting out back then.

If you decide to buy these drums they’re going to add another depth to your style of production. Your really going to see that less is more if you haven’t already. These kits along with the other 12 are all going to have you crafting your own classic in a matter of minutes. T.O.T. drops March 7th but you can now preorder using the link below. So until the next time stay tuned and stay bangin’.




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