Dirty Arse Drum Breaks Vol 2.5 Review

Dirty Arse Drum Breaks Vol 2.5 Review

As a producer, have you ever been in a situation where you get into an amazing groove, chop-up an amazing sample, only to turn around and run into a brick wall when searching for some dirty drums to give your track that ‘pop’? It’s the most frustrating thing, but our friends at The Drum Broker teamed up once again with Timmy Rickard and Monosole Music, bringing you the latest in the Dirty Arse Drum Breaks (D.A.D.B.) series, to help knock that brick wall down! D.A.D.B. Vol. 2.5 is a collection of 112 brand new drum breaks, performed by pro drummer Timmy Rickard, which are then processed through a chain of very high quality analog gear, giving these breaks a distinct “warmth” and quality. Now that you’ve got some background on the kit, let’s dive into the details!

The first thing that caught my eye when I opened D.A.D.B. Vol. 2.5, was that each break is located in a sub-folder labeled with the b.p.m. it was recorded in; I cannot stress enough how important this is! Trying to find a break that has a similar tempo as what you are working on can sometimes be a pain, slowing down your work flow completely. These sub-folders make life so much easier, enabling every producer to get what they are looking for, without hindering work flow.

Once I began to browse the breaks, the first one that really popped out to me was the 7th in the 86 b.p.m. folder. This break was one of my personal favorites, reminding me of an Army drum line, I could envision an endless line of soldiers marching into an epic battle. This particular break would pair nice with a orchestral-type arrangement, and would be a great foundation for a “LOX”-style East Coast anthem.

The second prominent break that stood out to me was 2nd break in the 94 b.p.m. folder. This one reminds me of a nasty break that would be used in a Timbaland- style beat. With a tight kick and a perfectly reverberated side-stick, this break sounds as if it were pulled right off of Justin Timberlake’s newest album, and could definitely work its way into a modern pop-style production!

Of the copious options presented in D.A.D.B. Vol. 2.5, my final favorite break was the 1st in the 104 b.p.m. folder. This special break reminds me of something played by a big band back in the 20’s. It has a very versatile and ‘big’ sound. I feel as if this particular sound would pair nicely with a chopped sample, backed with witty, lyrical content, such as, Mac Miller or Macklemore.

To conclude, this is a super-dope must-have collection of drum breaks! With a superb quality, as well as a great quantity, it is almost impossible to lose with this collection in your arsenal. On top of everything, it is organized perfectly out-of-the-box, and only costs $24.99! Buying this collection of breaks is basically the equivalent to hiring a personal drummer without having to drop hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars! So what are u waiting for? Visit The Drum Broker today, cop Dirty Arse Drum Breaks Vol. 2.5, and never worry about running into that brick wall ever again! 



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