We Don’t DO Free Beats Bruh!

We Don’t DO Free Beats Bruh!

What up MM! AG with another quick post for you. How many of us producers cringe when we hear the words FREE BEATS? I see a lot of us getting super annoyed by this and the first response is We Don’t DO Free Beats Bruh! So I just wanted to weigh some pros and cons on the topic at hand.

When you hear free beats you automatically equate that to $$$. How much it took to purchase your equipment, multiplied by the amount of time it took to learn it, plus the quality of that particular track. Regardless of how you choose to come up with your price.. there is still a price tag on every beat you produce.

Lets say you have a beat you priced at $100.00. Would you give it away to grow your brand? Good advertising costs a lot more than that. Besides, companies like Coke and Pepsi do it all the time. Its called a taste test. See most consumers don’t have money to waste, so by letting them try your product out you’re allowing them to make an educated decision. If your beat is as good as you think it is, they will come back. Of course you will have your freeloaders, that’s with anything but don’t let them stop you from growing your business. The more beats you give away the more potential fans you gain. I’m not suggesting you give away all your beats FREE but have a select few that you can use as promotion.

Another time that would be good to give away a FREE BEAT is if its an artist that will elevate your track. The fact is, a beat is just a beat without an artist on it. So if there is an artist that you think would fit well with your style of beats throw them a couple and use the finished product to post as a reference for potential clients. Some may hear your beat and like it, but not know how to write to it. Here’s an analogy, a nicely decorated house tends to sell quicker than an unfurnished house. Why? Because most people need help envisioning themselves living in something new.  Its the same for artists envisioning themselves on a new style track. So its ok to give a free beat to someone that will do it justice. It’s promotion for you in the end.

The only cons I see with giving away a FREE BEAT or two is if your paperwork isn’t straight, the song blows up and you don’t get your proper due. Or, you give a beat to an artist that totally diminishes the integrity of your brand (He’s just the worst damn rapper on earth). So in closing I’d say make a couple decent beats available for free download in your beat store. If nothing else they can help build your mailing list pretty quickly!

Hope this helps out a little or at least gives another perspective to the 2 most hated words by producers FREE BEATS. Check out this funny but true vid below if you haven’t seen it already. Until next time catch me everywhere @AGGOTBEATS




7 thoughts on “We Don’t DO Free Beats Bruh!

  1. E52BEATS says:

    We need a serious NO FREE BEATS campaign in 2014. These new producers are messing the game up something crazy. Bad enough every other person you meet now is a producer, not that I’m against people being new producers, but everything ain’t for everybody.

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