Stratospheric Expansion Review

Stratospheric Expansion Review

            Usually when I write a review, I open with some metaphor that tends to have very little to do with music and then tie it back full circle to the product being reviewed. It would go something like, “For centuries human beings fascination with outer space has plagued us. To get there we would have to through the Earth’s 5 layers.  We would breeze past the Troposphere and take our first pit stop at the Stratosphere.”

            The has done it once again folks. With the release of their first Maschine 2.0 Expansion, Stratospheric will not disappoint.  Designed for RnB, this expansion will have sounds for everyone ranging from bells, synths, strings, keys, and plucks this expansion will be used by many and in many types of music.

            The standout section in this expansion is without question the mono synth section. The MaschineWarehouse carefully designed each of these synths to the T and with purpose to ensure the buyer is getting all of their money’s worth. Each of these instruments was designed from scratch using various hardware synths and effect processors and even Maschine stock effects are used as well just to give the sounds that icing. Some of the stand out sounds includes Dianna, grungy distorted lead that can be an outstanding layer to a bass line or used as a lead guitar. Get Happy, another mono lead with a very space age sound.

            The poly synth section of this expansion is another heavy hitter as well. In this section you will find various pads, gated pads, and synths to fill out your productions. Of the 3 subtypes, the pad section is the most unique and dynamic. They have a very “Earthy” (no pun intended) sound. They are extremely pleasing to the ear and will add amazing depth to tracks. Some have so much character on their own I can see them being the basis of some tracks (Flying Future, Tempting Fruit).

            Also included are 15 Maschine ready kits to add to your drum library. The drums area are great for any and all productions. Maschine Warehouse has done an awesome job with coming up with quality drums in the past and this is no exception. One of my favorite things about the drums is that many of them take advantage of Maschine effects, so if you don’t like that reverb change it or get rid of it! Since this expansion does require Maschine 2.0, I’d have loved to have seen more drums take advantage of the included drum synth.

            Producers worldwide, has again raised the bar when it comes to designing sounds for not only the NI Maschine, but sound design in general. On a scale of 1-16 pads (1 being caught in a snow storm in a speed-o, 16 being layed up on South Beach with a beer in hand with the same speed-o), Stratospheric registers in at a hot 14! Head over to and grab this expansion along with many others today!

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    • Mr.Chiboiborn says:

      His expansion is definitely official, to me it better than some the original expansion of the Maschine expansion, which NI has not done expansion gear toward hip Hop and r & B in a while.

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