Put Your Spin on it

Put Your Spin on it

Yo yo what up MM family. AG here again with another quick post for you. We as producers are influenced by a lot of different things. A common one would be other producers. My question today, Is it cool to make beats just like your favorite producer or should you put your spin on it?

As I was coming up I was influenced by a lot of producers. Most of which you know (won’t go into that). When starting out you want to make beats just like them but as you learn more about the process you should begin to develop your own sound (dope or not). I honestly feel your beats should never sound identical to another producer. No matter who it is.

Your music should be a reflection of you, your feelings, your ideas on how you interpret sound. This is what allows a fan to feel a certain way when they throw on a DJ Premier beat vs how they react when they play a DJ Toomp beat. Now they both are DJ’s, may have been influenced by some of the same people, but they put their spin on it. I’m sure geographical regions and environment had a lot to do with it, but plain and simple they are two different people. With that said, I believe good production should be an extension of one’s personality.

Take our homie !llmind for instance.. He took Boom Bap and Trap elements, merged them together to create the Boom Trap sub genre which is gaining popularity. Now if you like the sound and want to make those types of beats, put your spin on it. Again, your beats should not sound identical to his. It should be your own interpretation. This takes not only that genre, but music (as a whole) even further. Something each and every one of us should be aspiring to do.

In closing. Its cool to study your favorite producers and borrow some of their techniques but please create something unique to you. Thats what will separate you from the rest. Lets continue to elevate and grow the culture. Hopefully, you will be next to change the sound of music! If not, maybe you can influence the producer who does. Until next time catch me everywhere @AGGOTBEATS




5 thoughts on “Put Your Spin on it

  1. djplanb says:

    If a producer duplicate another producer that’s called copying. As producers we gain enough knowledge to create our own sound. Love it or hate it, it a sound the person or persons developed. If a producer just want to copy someone else sound every song released would eventually start sounding the same. If you listen to the radio, today’s music is starting to get there with a lot of music is sounding the same. It happens…. A producer sometimes may feel that since an artist came out with several hit songs back to back made by the same producers or production team, they should try to do that same sound. Next thing you know there are 10 or more songs in rotation with that same sound.
    Really great producers can take there own sound and get it in with today’s genre and have that new feel that stands out and is insane. Having different sounds and feelings in music mad the golden era just that….GOLDEN. Keep getting knowledge, keep creating and keep music alive…

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