One on One Producer Consultations with iStandard

One on One Producer Consultations with iStandard

Whats good MM! AG here with another tidbit of info concerning our push to achieve One Major Placement in 2014! If you haven’t got the memo.. this is our year to land at least one placement from a producer within the MM community! We hope all of you are taking it as serious as we are. I hope none of us are here just to make beats for ourselves nor to only share them between one another for constructive feedback. We have been doing that for over a year now. It’s time to take things a step further.

Our good friends over at iStandard are offering One on One Consultation for up and coming producers! If you don’t know who they are (one word.. Google). They’ve played a major part in a lot of the Grammy Winning Super Producer careers you look up to today. We feel this is great knowledge to share with y’all that may benefit on your push to land that placement.

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[As shown above] They also have placement opportunities as well for Major Artist like 50 cent, Jadakiss, Diggy Simmons, Yelawolf and more. You have to be a member, but this is another avenue we welcome you to explore. Our goal here is to supply you with all the info we feel will help you along the way to getting some credits under your belt. It’s totally up to you to apply it. P.S. Please remember, you and your career are worth investing in.. Lets GO! Until next time catch me everywhere @AGGOTBEATS

For more info on iStandard One on One Consultation or Placements Opportunities click here

To join the Maschine Masters pledge for One Major Placement in 2014 click here





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