One Major Production Placement in 2014

One Major Production Placement in 2014

Happy New Year MM! As you guys know with the New Year comes resolutions.. but we would like to set a goal. One Major Production Placement in 2014! This past year, we exceeded a lot of our expectations no matter how much we like to think we knew this would all happen. We accomplished some major things in just our first year of launch. For starters, reaching over 10,000+ members on plus another 14,000+ on Youtube!

Not to mention all the networking with reputable sites such as iStandard Producers, Drumbroker, Producers Choice, Rob Papen, XLN Audio, ProjectSAM, Output Sounds, Camel Audio, Twisted Tools, Xclusive Audio, Kicksandsnares, P5audio and more! To bring you honest reviews on products that we as producers can actually use. See our Top 10 Drum Kits of 2013

We brought you our first Maschine expansion kit that was FREE with the purchase of the Drumbroker’s Maschine USB Flash Drive! In addition, we gave away a brand new Native Instruments Maschine Studio on its release date to a MM member in celebration of our First Year Anniversary!

Last but not least we’ve had the honor of working with some of the dopest Grammy Award Winning/Super Producers in the game such as !llmind and Symbolyc One on creating Maschine Versions of their newly released kits. The Producer Focus…, on a ustream producer Q&A session, So So Def Producer Mike Kalombo doing a Maschine Studio tutorial for us and Khrysis of 9th Wonder’s Soul Council on announcing the Maschine Studio giveaway winner.

Enough about last year because in this business you’re only as good as your last PLACEMENT! Which brings us to this year’s goal (CHALLENGE). We challenge our whole community to commit to at least One Major Production Placement in 2014! With the amount of quality producers we have here, the odds are in our favor. Besides, this is probably a goal for most of us as producers. So why not encourage each other to make it happen. Just take a look at how far we’ve come as a community and know that anything is possible! There has been a forum created strictly for this and if we focus we’ll have a great chance at reaching this goal before year end!


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