!llmind All Subs Everything Limited Edition

!llmind All Subs Everything Limited Edition

Happy new year ladies and gents! D-nast here, with Maschine Masters, kicking the year off with my review of the new special edition All Subs Everything Blap Kit, brought to you by the super producer !llmind (blapkits.com). For those who aren’t up-to-date, !llmind is known for constantly supplying some of the dopest drum kits available in the game, and is also the creator of the new “boom-trap” genre. As if it’s not enough for !llmind to bless us with this amazing new genre, he has now supplied us with a key ingredient: assembling together a collection of his own personal bass samples! Well, I hope everyone is as excited as I am; lets load this bad boy up, and see what gems lay inside.

The first thing that jumped out to me once I loaded this kit, is that not only is each sample labeled with the key it was played in, but it is also labeled with the Hz that the sample was cut at. This feature, although minute, is very important to a rookie producer like myself, because when incorporating these samples into a bass line for my beat, I obviously am given a great library to choose from, but also, I get to learn what certain Hz levels sound like, furthering my EQ knowledge. After browsing through all the different samples, I loaded up a some drums and a couple of synths to see just how hard I could get my speakers pounding.

The first sample from All Subs Everything that really got me in the mood was named “Better Friend”. This definitely got my speakers rattling! At 53Hz, this deep thumper sounds like a saturated 808 with a short, fading tail on it. A shorter version of “Better Friend” is also available, with the fitting name of “Best Friend”. Both samples are named appropriately, because any producer will instantly become best friends with these samples, and make them their “go-to” for a fast-paced-club-banger bass line.

The second sample in my top three was called “Crush Groove”. This particular sample reminded me of a Kanye West-style heavily driven 808. This sample is really versatile and can fit into several different styles of hip-hop production. With the heavy drive, this sound of course hits very hard on a sub, but it also genuinely stands out on a track, and gives a unique gritty flavor, perfect for some “boom-trap!”

The final sample in my top three from All Subs Everything was named “Petty Wobbler.” This sample instantly made me feel like I had a vintage bass at my finger tips. Played in an ‘A’ key, and cut at 96Hz, this sample seems to be a recorded strum on a big bass guitar with the perfect reverb on it. “Petty Wobbler” reminds me of Dr. Dre-style bass, that brings a vintage feel, something any true lyricist could ride, and turn into a new hit single!

We can clearly conclude that !llmind really knocked it out of the park again! With each of the 41 samples created and tested on two 18′ JBL sub-woofers, I can guarantee that there’s not a sample in All Subs Everything that doesn’t knock. And as if all of these heavy hitters weren’t enough, !llmind, as a bonus, includes a folder containing twenty one variations of his very own 808 snare samples, all of which sound super crispy! Since the first Blap Kit, !llmind has continued to supply producers like myself with various drum kits, providing what’s necessary to produce hit records! At such a great price, this kit is, without a doubt, an instant buy! But be quick; since this is a limited edition kit, there will only be 200 released (and you don’t want to miss out on these goodies). So head over to blapkits.com Monday, January 6th 11:59 PM EST, and be one of the elite few to receive All Subs Everything, and get them subs moving!

Check out a quick video review by my homie Well Known Tone below


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