Is your Studio Clean or Messy?

Is your Studio Clean or Messy?

Whats up MM! AG back with another quick observation post. This one on studio tidiness. I discovered a while back that the state of my studio determined the workflow and the mood of my music. How do you keep your studio and which do you prefer?

When I think about hip hop producers back in the days I always envision a dusty basement with tons of records scattered all over the place, a MPC 60 or SP 1200, a keyboard with a couple broken keys, maybe some technique 12oo’s hooked up to a 4 channel mixer running out into some BIG ASS house speakers. Can’t forget a couple empty pizza boxes, ashtray fill with roaches (not creatures) and a few brews here and there. Nothing about this picture in my head is clean or neat. Now I’m not saying producers were slobs, but from the outside looking in, it definitely could appear that way. But I’m sure there was a method to the madness.

Now by no means am I a neat freak, but I find that when my work space gets cluttered it is difficult for me to get in the mood to produce music. It kinda begins to feel like a chore. But I also notice that when it’s like this I make more of the hip hop, cypher/battle style beats. On the other hand when my studio is well organized, I am able to relax and create based on whatever I may be feeling at that time.

I wonder if its a difference now as opposed to back then because we are able to do more with less (amount of equipment). We are able to sample, scratch, compose, record, mix and master all on one computer. Really the only outboard gear that is necessary (if any) is an audio interface, studio monitors, a midi controller and a mic if you’re recording vocals. All of which can be neatly set up at a computer desk.

In closing. Does a messy studio give you a more grimey sound.. and does a well organized studio result in a more polished production? I can work in either condition but I prefer to have the least amount of clutter as possible. I guess I want the best of both worlds! Obviously the image above is from a professional studio, so please check out the vid below as a point of reference on how you keep your home studio and how it affects your sound. Look forward to hearing some of you guys thoughts and until next time catch me everywhere @AGGOTBEATS





5 thoughts on “Is your Studio Clean or Messy?

  1. djplanb says:

    Funny you mentioned all the records all over and just unorganized stuff. Tons of stuff. hahaha that was my studio when I was in my moms apartment and had a room just for my studio…. Now at my own place, I make sure everything is organized and neat before even turning on the equipment. I must say though, due to having a studio that is way more smaller and compact than back in the day neat should always be the key. Clean work area, clean mind….Let’s Create.

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