I Don’t Want to Hear your Beats

I Don’t Want to Hear your Beats

What’s up good peoples! This is another elephant in the room topic that I want to discuss. How many of y’all actually listen to beats shared with you by other producers? Or are you thinking to yourself.. ” You again? I don’t want to hear no more of your damn beats!” well maybe not that harshly but you’re still thinking it.

Its a touchy subject but I think this type of knowledge is important to help us grow. It will make a lot of producers aware if they’re wasting their time looking for feedback or not. Now I’m a producer’s producer. Not in a sense that I’m the dopest and all producers aspire to be just like AG. But I cater to helping producers out so its a lil different for me. Sure I sell beats but I don’t actively seek out artists to do so. With that said, I try to listen to as many beats as possible when they are sent to me. But I must say, with the amount of producers I’m in contact with it does get quite challenging at times.

The majority of you producers are making beats to sell. Do you listen to other producer beats when they share them with you? I’m not talking about click play. listen for 5 seconds.. Say its dope and keep it movin’. I mean really listen all the way through and give them some good constructive feedback. See I think its levels to this shit. If you are just starting out producing then sure you should look for feedback from other producers. But once you get better your focus should be getting your beats to artists (local or independent to start). I believe a lot of us are wasting our time sending beats to other producers to listen to. I mean they are not going to be your customers anyway.

To be honest, one of my pet peeves is when I get a message (spam) from another producer saying their beats are on sale buy 4 get 1 free.. Dude I’m a producer, (If you didn’t get the hint from my handle AGGOTBEATS) I got beats, I don’t need them. So my question is.. do we encourage our peers to find some local or independent artists to send beats to and stop wasting time sending them to other producers. Or do we just let them keep getting the same feedback from the few people in their circle that will never buy a single beat from them? Please drop a comment below and until next time catch me everywhere @AGGOTBEATS




11 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Hear your Beats

  1. diDprojects says:

    I listen to plenty of beats and tracks thanks to my ever increasing FB friendships, Google+ Circles, Twitter etc…
    I offer feedback on plenty, but have to admit it’s mostly positive because the fam produces some hot shit!
    I do struggle to keep up with Soundcloud but again if something catches my ear or attention I will comment or Like because it’s worthy of my time… AG this is a can of worms mate… I guess they’ll be many different responses because we do it for different reasons. I appreciate every comment on my stuff because I’m relatively new to it and cannot imagine anyone paying for my shit.. Apologies to anyone who doesn’t want to hear my stuff but one day I might make a diamond and would you want to miss it 😉
    Ps I only rap with a w at Xmas so won’t be buying beats either!

    • MaschineMasters says:

      What up homie! It is a can of worms that I feel should be discussed to help us all grow. Please don’t take offense bro as I stated for new comers it is necessary to get feedback. This was more so about polished producers. Face it there are a lot of us out here and we need to find the best avenues to take to be successful. Thanks a lot for reading and expressing your thoughts bro!!! AG

  2. djplanb says:

    I listen to other producers all the time and usually give feedback. I hate when I’m spamed to death by producers selling their beats. That can be annoying but other than that a listen to other ideas sometimes boost my own creativity. I get more inspired by how an effect or how a producer change or layer sounds more than patterns and sequences. I find listening to other producers in one way or another can expand my own production and learn what future producers are doing to change the art of music. Keep producing, keep listening, and keep learning….Peace

    • MaschineMasters says:

      I agree with you 100% B! On top of getting ideas you can create a friendly competition within yourself to make something better than what you just heard.. Its always to look at it but I think it was something that needed to be spoke on. Thanks a lot for reading homie! AG

  3. E52BEATS says:

    I think we should listen to other producers so that we can better ourselves as producers an keep our skills sharp. I don’t really think it’s a real master level when it comes to this because you’d be surprised at how some of these top producers talk behind closed doors. Think about your favorite producer… now imagine him saying “I need to step my game up because of the shit I just heard’.Friendly competition is right A, that’s why it’s always good to roll with a few producers so that y’all can keep each other on point and listening to others in moderation is good too. I know it can overwhelming at times though and I am guilty of the 5 second listen say it’s dope and move on routine LOL, but I know how it is when nobody wants to listen to your music so I try to keep people encouraged because you never know how your actions might affect or effect them…Peace

  4. jazzydrewproductions says:

    Hmm. Well. I must say first I am a bit guilty of spamming a bit but not to sell beats. For people to hear my music. I believe that music is meant to be shared so if they don’t wanna click it then they don’t have to. But I will say this also. I do listen to other producers stuff often. I will occasionally go through my stream on soundcloud to see if anything catches my ear. I will definitely let them know I was diggin it and will also take note of what they were doing. Let’s face it if you hear something you like you are most likely going to try and incorporate some aspect of it into your own style. So I do listen to others especially y’all in the MM community because I find that in doing so I sharpen my own skills. So hats off to you guys for keeping me sharp!

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