How Old is TOO Old to Rap or Produce?

How Old is TOO Old to Rap or Produce?

Whats good MM! Got a quick question for you guys. This one is directed towards the 90’s babies and earlier. Without me giving up my age I remember getting my first Public Enemy cassette tape It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back when I was in elementary school. Yes, I’m still in love with hip hop today the same (if not more) as I was back then. So my question is.. How old is Too old to Rap or Produce?

I remember closing the door on my 20’s and feeling like my youth was decimating before me, thinking I would never have a shot in the music world. Then Jay Z dropped the Kingdom Come album which featured 30 Something and the unforgettable line “30 is the new 20”. That was just what I needed to hear at that time. Not to mention he was still making the kind of music I liked to listen to when the airwaves was being dominated by the new era hip hop. Not to say I didn’t like some of it, there just needed to be a balance.

Today we see a lot of the GREATS resurfacing and I notice a lot of us welcome them back with open arms. I would think the same goes for production. Its not the age, its the music that you make. If you are not caught in a 80’s time warp, I think you can still be relevant these days. Now if the golden era is in your blood (as is in mine) and that’s the type of records you produce; please continue. I honestly believe it could work now but with a new twist.

See every so often history repeats itself and I see this happening soon in Hip Hop. Just look at how the slang words Dope, Fresh etc. are now back in. If you’re a 90’s hip hop head go through your hard drive find them old joints you did and update them. Beef up the drums, change up the pattern a lil, maybe throw a new sequence in there and you’ll be surprised. Thats if they were dope to begin with. Its maybe just what someone like Raekwon or Nas is looking for!

In closing.. music is not a sport. So we can do this as long as we have a sound mind and are aware of whats fresh or not. Remember everyone is not young and we all age together. Sure the youth buy the records but lets be honest.. who the hell is buying records these days anyway. Our generation needs new music to listen to as well. Hope this inspires some of you to keep going and keep making dope joints for the old heads lol. Check this vid from back in the days on the blvd of… you know the rest. Until next time catch me everywhere @AGGOTBEATS




12 thoughts on “How Old is TOO Old to Rap or Produce?

  1. Reezun says:

    This is words to grow on. Feeling this post. This is one question that everybody ask but seldom get down to the “Nitty Gritty” of this topic. Thanks for shedding light on the subject.

    Stereo Crate Entertainment

  2. Preachingbeats says:

    Not ashamed to tell my age. 46 and proud. I remember when hiphop started. Man sugarhill records. 12 inch on my uncle’s technic turntable. I was in love from the first hiphoptohibid. No one will ever tell me I’m to old to produce. I do it for me first. If I sell it or record a local artist, I love it. I will do it until I cant. Appreciate the article. Great discussion!!! No matter how old or young create what you love. Music is a rhythm of life.

    “It was I” Preachingbeats!!!!!!!!

  3. NeekRusher says:

    Maaaaan I saw this link pop up on the e-mail alert. I said “Oh Oh Oh I have to read this” LOL. Just look at what the younger audience are doing. Not just in music, but in fashion as well. They love that retro work. Some young kids flip it, with old and new styles of garments. That’s how the older generation of rappers and music producers have to work it. If your going to make a “90’s style track” introduce some futuristic arrangement towards the middle to the end. Use current sounds, that the younger music fans have grown custom to hearing. A lot of music producers are experimenting. The technology has gotten better since the days of…cough mpc 60… sp 1200 cough. Lol Not given my age up neither. I’ll tell a young bride. Look I’m old enough to drink and come and go. You feel me AG? Wooooooo I’m so ARROGVNT. Lol Age is just a number. Keep your mind and your heart young and fresh and you will be 100. Outskies. -Neek Rusher

  4. dondi7 says:

    first and for most i remember the old 8 track my parents had 72,73. who would of thought mp3,s clouds back then you would have been commited for real cell phone.s utube internet too old is brand new technicaly speaking you guys on hear are greate in your own rights i love production. form the street light days every hood had them north east and west. it was the love of music the creative process started. and enriched the world,i use to talk that star trek shit and dudes would say that shit corney but the tech kept comeing and now skype when is 2 old i would think if theres anything that makes this a greate time for music is the abilty to travel to any style of music with in the last 60 years or as deep as you want to take it hip hop is and will always be universal .and the tools we have now in production are amazing you can sit in your living room and produce an album and colab with the philharmonic to old who? much love to all the brothers and the forum dondi7ny

  5. TouchTone Beats says:

    This was a great read Fam and I totally feel the same way actually the older I’m getting I’m becoming way more seasoned and all around hotter for sure by leaps and bounds so I totally agree with you

  6. Daysun Civil says:

    Great article. I have pondered the same thing many time. Should I quit or continue. I am older and I am still grinding. One day it will come together. It would be different if I was a little younger though. Old head still rocking.

  7. Vincent says:

    As a producer and an artist, this article was exactly what I needed to read and be inspired by. You are right, many of the greats are making awesome music still. For the longest time, I let my age be my hinderance. I let my age keep me from proceeding further with my aspirations as an emcee, and as a producer. There will never be another era like the early to golden era in hip hop, and the 90’s. Those artists from that time are still making timeless music and doing their damn thing. I’m so proud to have read this, because this is the proverbial fire under my ass, you dig?? I appreciate this article and the insight that it gave me. I Am The Xxodys. Peace king!

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