Havoc Infamous Producer Kit Review

Havoc Infamous Producer Kit Review

What’s going on with all my MM family, hope that the new year is treating you all well so far. Ok let’s jump into the topic at hand…today felt like it was Christmas all over again! I received the Havoc Infamous drums and I might be jumping out the window right now, but I think these drums will be one of the top ten drum kits of 2014Havoc has always been one of my favorite producers because of hardcore style of production. When you go thru these drums your going to see exactly what I’m talking about. Havoc has made numerous classics since the beginning of his career which started in 1993.

The Infamous kit is made up of 4 folders 1990s Kits, 2000s Kits, 2010s Kits and Bonus Content. From the way these folders are set up I can tell these were taking right from his collection of zip disk from all the years of his diggin’. The 1990s folder is partitioned (old MPC zip lingo) into 12 folders A-L and each folder containing at least a kick,snare and hi hat. Another added bonus in most of these folders are Loops. I know many of you are saying LOOPS! I wonder if the Shook Ones loop is one of them… Well the answer is YES! I’m not gonna spoil it by saying which folder it is, but trust me it’s in there. I almost got stuck solely on the drums in the A folder. The 10 drums in this folder alone is killing the drum game! The rest of the folders are the same exact way.

The 2000s folder  was partitioned into 10 folders A-J and these drums BANGED too. I found a snare in one of the folders that I have been looking for for a few years now, (I know I have it already it’s just a matter of going through the 1000’s of drums I already have to find it lol).

The 2010s folder is partitioned into 11 folders A-K and once again… They BANGED!!! The E folder (no pun intended) was my favorite out of the 11, but the other 10 were all on point too. Havoc says he doesn’t like to use the same the drums more than once when he’s producing so he’s constantly looking for new drums which leads me to believe that this isn’t going to be the last we hear from Hav and his producers kits. Also as a bonus to the drum kits Havoc has also included 3 albums in the Bonus Content folder… 13, Beat Collection and The Kush which are all a welcome edition to the kits. Here you get to actually look at Havoc’s production style and examine it further. Well I hope all of you enjoy this kit as much as I did. Stay tuned and stay banging’…. Peace

As a bonus for our Maschine bros out there, we have took the liberty to put this kit into Maschine 1.8 and 2.0 formats for your convenience!

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