Havoc Infamous Kit Vol 2 Review

Havoc Infamous Kit Vol 2 Review

What’s going on my MM family… It’s the Machine Gang General E52 back again. Just when I didn’t think things could get any better I received the second installment of Havoc’s Infamous Kit… Volume 2. First thing I noticed, Part 2 wasn’t broken down into folders so I took a few minutes to put all the sounds into folders by category. I came up with 7 foldersClaps, Drum rolls, 808s, Hi Hats, Kicks, Snares and Percussions. Another thing I noticed is that each sound had its own unique file name (easier to distinguish) as opposed to Vol. 1’s generic kick, snare, hi hat system.

This kit wasn’t filled with as many sounds as volume 1, but there were definitely some welcomed editions in this batch. I think the addition of drum rolls was a good look for the volume. The new 39 snares are all on point. I was especially feeling the Snare L/R wav. The kicks had my monitors pumping out cool air as I hit the pads to audition them. The Claps were just ok to me, it’s still hard to beat that classic Clap from Rolls Royce’s Car Wash. It was 17 Hi Hats in this kit and the majority of them I found to be useful in my future productions. 808’s are 808’s so I wasn’t too impressed with the ones in this kit. Volume 1 had some nice 808’s that just seemed to hit a lot harder than these did, not that these won’t fit into your production because they will, they just need to be tweaked a little. My least favorite folder I created was the percussion folder. These were just regular sounds that you probably already have. Luckily it wasn’t much of the 23MB this kit contained.

Hope this review was able to help you get an idea of what volume 2 is about. Maybe Hav set the bar a lil too high on the first volume for me, but this is still a cool kit to have in your arsenal. And its only $25 versus Volume 1’s (well worth it) $70 price tag. Want to see this kit in action? Check out the vid review by my homie Well Known Tone below. Until next time… Stay tuned and stay banging’…. Peace

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