Have the Balls to Do it!

Have the Balls to Do it!

Whats up MM! AG back fresh off New Years break. Hope you all are sticking to your 2014 resolutions for at least the first week. Had a lil something that I wanted to discuss today. No disrespect to the females in our community (yes we have several). But this is just a figure of speech. Having the BALLS to be successful.

I was chillin’ the other day and got a notification that a comment was posted here on Maschinemasters.com. So when I got a chance I went and checked it out.  It just read A Talk with Grammy Award-winning Bink! with a couple links attached. At first I thought it was spam so I was hesitant to click. So I decided to google search the interview. A 2 part video series from ProfessU popped up on youtube so I checked it out. It was in fact a real interview with the Grammy Award Winning, Multi Platinum Producer Bink! Growing up in VA, its always interesting to hear a successful producer’s story from the area. Shout out Nottz, Timberland, Neptunes as well. But the thing that grabbed me the most out of the entire interview is when Bink (@BINKDOG) said why he felt he became successful. He pinpointed his success with having the BALLS to move to NYC alone to chase his dream.

That’s what I want to touch on today. Do you have the BALLS to do what it takes to be successful? We all aspire to be something great as a kid but for most of us it fades away as we get older. I’m not talking about fantasies of being a super hero. I’m talking about dreams that’s been placed in us for a reason, to touch lives. How many times have you passed up on opportunities because you were scared or it was out of your comfort zone? We see documentaries all the time of kids with a disability that grew up to do things better than us without any at all. It’s because they wanted it more. So what I notice is that success comes when you want it bad enough. A thousand times more than the next person.

What are you willing to sacrifice? Now by no means am I talking about responsibilities, morals or values at the core of us. I mean are you willing to put the PS4 down, or step away from the new J’s to invest in better equipment; or even stop chasing chicks at the club to dedicate 110% to your craft? See, Bink was able to walk away from everything he knew as a kid to give it a shot. With a determination that he wasn’t coming back without achieving his goal. Thats the kind of attitude we as producers need to make it.

So in closing, just remember YOUR ATTITUDE DETERMINES YOUR ALTITUDE. In 2014, lets take it up a notch! Until next time, catch me everywhere @AGGOTBEATS

Bink video interview by ProfessU

Click Here

Inspiring Video by ET The Hip Hop Preacher

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