Hating? or Just Being Honest

Hating? or Just Being Honest

What’s up MM! Back with another one y’all. Wanted to ask if its hate or being honest when someone doesn’t like what we do? Let’s face it.. everyone is not gonna be the best beatsmith to ever touch a drum machine (maschine). If that was the case then everyone would be doing it. Oh wait, everyone is!

“Either you slingin’ crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot”.  That one line B.I.G. said in “Things Done Changed” did indeed change the culture forever. Now, those that aren’t built for the streetlife or athletically gifted have another way out the hood. The music industry. 20 years later everyone is still working that hustle. Not to mention the software developers have made it even easier to get into the game. Just have a computer and you’re good to go. Don’t get me wrong, it’s tons of dope producers out here but its some horrible ones too.

Its great to have self confidence but its just some shit we’re not good at, not now, not never. Ever since the “Hater” phenomenon the not-so-greats are running away with that phrase! News flash; If several hundred people tell you you’re not good its probably not a hate issue. Thats a popular “opinion”. It still doesn’t mean give up. Just mean you have to find your audience.

Sometimes we may just be better suited in another area of our passion. Take me for example, yeah I’m cool at making beats but I feel I’m better at helping others learn how to make them (I’m just being honest). Notice that it’s still in the same field just something more natural for me. So explore all options.. who knows the other thing you try may just be your calling!

In closing. Whether dope or not, people hating or being honest; there’s over 7 billion people in this world.. someone is gonna like what you do! Music is all subjective anyway. I’ll leave you guys with a vid below as a classic example. Until next time catch me everywhere @AGGOTBEATS




2 thoughts on “Hating? or Just Being Honest

  1. S@nd3m0n1um says:

    Something that you mentioned in your article that should resonate with all the guys that are in the market is “It still doesn’t mean give up. Just mean you have to find your audience.”

    I think the more you can get critiqued on your creative works the better. I also feel that if you as a producer are looking to make a major impact you have to study and invest time as well as resources into your craft. Remember Jordan didn’t get great overnight.

    Dewayne Johnson posted an epic message. “Greatness is not always about success but rather consistency, that itself then leads to success, in turn working to greatness.” That’s a spot on depiction these days. Just don’t give up thats what I live by.

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