Getting JERKED on your first Placement

Getting JERKED on your first Placement

Whats up MM! AG back with a quick topic for discussion. You heard the Puff Daddy horror stories, the behind the beats, how someone gave up publishing just to get their foot in the door. My question is how many of us are willing to get jerked to land our first placement?

In a past interview we had with our good friend Neek Rusher who produced Cam’ron “I Just Wanna” off his Come Home with Me album, explained how a simple kick changed by Ty Fyffe cost him co-production credit. The thing is that’s how a lot of our comrades are getting in the game these days and have been for decades. But now with the internet, it’s making it a little easier to get connected to more and more artists directly. So would you be prepared to grind harder and be more patient to find the artists yourself or seek an established producer to work with?

For instance, take what Dr. Dre does with his production team. DISCLAIMER It’s a known fact that a producer doesn’t necessarily have to know how to make a beat to get production credit; He just needs to know what sounds good and conduct musicians to deliver the best product possible. With that said, we all know Dr Dre is beyond capable of producing extremely dope records on his own. The question is just how many of those hits were fully crafted by producers like Focus, DJ Khalil, Hi Tek, Mr. Porter, Dawaun Parker or some random producer we never even heard of? If that was the case, would it even matter if they’re eating good on a consistent basis? A lot of Super Producers are now offering to collab with up and coming producers. With a mutual understanding that the production or co-production credits will go to that producer.

Will you jump at the chance if the opportunity presents itself? Don’t get me wrong, I think everyone will be taken advantage of to some degree breaking into any industry. Just try to set boundaries on what you are willing to accept going in. Remember, A PERSON WHO STANDS FOR NOTHING WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING. Be smart and take deals that will benefit all parties involved. I wish you guys much success on your music production journey this year! To join our 2014 Major Placement Challenge Click Here. Until next time catch me everywhere @AGGOTBEATS



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