Get Well Soon “45 King”

Get Well Soon “45 King”

When we say whats up fam.. thats short for family. How we look at not just our MM community but the production community as a whole. Within a family you have some immediate and some extended members. Family is synonymous with life and as we know life is filled with challenges and obstacles.

Today the MM fam would like to send a prayer up for DJ Mark the “45 King” . One of the legends who paved the way for a lot of the super producers today. He recently suffered a heart attack. If you’re not familiar with his music, think “The 900 Number” or Queen Latifah and Flavor Unit, how about Jay Z “Hard Knock Life”, even Eminem “Stan”. Thats just some of the classics he is responsible for.

Thanks for all you have done for the game big homie and we wish you a speedy recovery!


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