Cardiak Flatline Kit Vol. 2 Review

Cardiak Flatline Kit Vol. 2 Review

What’s up my MM fam, it’s The Maschine Gang General E52BEATS here with a new review… Cardiak Presents The Flatline Kit Vol 2. Cardiak made his first venture into the drum game last year and it was definitely received well by the masses. I can guaranty you that this one will get the same response. The reason I say this kit will to get the same response lies in one simple fact, and that is… it’s DOPE! It’s all in the EQ. The EQ’s in the volume is simply spectacular, especially when it comes to that 808 folder. Best 808 kicks this year hands down (I know it’s only the 1st month of the year still…LOL). Click here to check out my review on Vol. 1

Cardiak’s Flatline Vol 2 is 7 folders Kicks, Snares, Claps, Percs Loops & Misc, Vox and Drum Fills. I’ve recently (within the last 10 years) become a big fan of the “less is more” mantra and this kit holds true to that mantra. Just slightly over 115MB this kit get rights to the point.

  • The Kicks – 27 in all and each one is Eq’d to perfection. Each kick is nice and round with just the right amount of air on the tail.
  • The Snares – 29 crisp ear pippin’ snares that’s going to make any track you produce more noticeable on any system it’s played in.
  • The Claps – 13 sonically homogenized claps that all GO HARD!
  • The Percs Loops & Misc – 26 sounds that are hit or miss to me. The thing that gives this folder hits for me are the 2 construction folders within the main folder. I love the sounds in these folders and I’m hoping that this is a preview of what’s to come from Cardiak in the future as producer and as a Drum/Sound provider.
  • The Vox folder – 3 of the most user friendly sounds that are ready to go with any style of production you can think of.
  • The Drum Fills – 24 drum rolls that are cool for the most part. I’m not completely sure that all of these are royalty free so if you do use them be mindful of which sample the roll comes from just incase a publisher comes looking to get a piece of the new production.
  • The 808 folder – 6 of the best 808 sounds I’ve heard in a long time. I’m not really a 808 kind of guy, but I’m loving these right about now. Good job Sir Cardiak!

This is Cardiak’s 2nd venture into the drum game and it’s a job well done. This was something that was very much needed, a breath of fresh air so to speak. So until next time, stay tuned and stay banging’ .  Check out the video review below by the homie Well Known Tone then head over to the Drum Broker and get the release from Cardiak.






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