Are you a Quantity or Quality Producer?

Are you a Quantity or Quality Producer?

Whats going on MM! AG back again with another quick post to stir up some chatter. I’ve always been interested in this topic. I know several producers who bang out 30-50 tracks a week and some like myself who may do 1-10 a month. Which type of producer are you? Quantity or Quality?

I never was one to produce at high volumes even when I first started. We all know practice makes perfect so the more you produce the better you will get. But things that deal with creativity is a little different for me. Now I can see cutting on the equipment every day (which I do) but its not to make a beat. Its to learn a new technique, experiment with a different workflow, sort out some drums, look for samples etc. But I’d say only 10% of my time is spent making actual beats. Sometimes I wish I could just crank them out but I have to be inspired before I make anything.

Producers who bang out over 10 tracks per day are super dedicated and I applaud them. Especially if they all are dope! But I always wondered how many of those tracks are keepers. Now if you follow the golden rule you keep everything but I’m the opposite.. I never save anything I don’t like.  Maybe that’s where producers like me differ. Its easy to go months without making a beat then boom.. I find myself knocking out 10 in a weekend. If that sounds like you, have you ever experimented with making at least 1 beat a day for a set period of time? I tried but it didn’t last very long.

In closing. Do you think you should push yourself to produce even when you don’t feel it? Will it diminish the quality of your tracks or do you think it will make you better? I’m interested to hear what you guys think. Check out the vid below (at 24:30) of a conversation Boon Doc is having with Courtland Urbano on this very subject. Please drop a comment and until next time catch me everywhere @AGGOTBEATS



2 thoughts on “Are you a Quantity or Quality Producer?

  1. djplanb says:

    I used be really on a quality only in my production but then it got to a point that I felt that everything that comes out if me is productive. I saw a video with 9th Wonder saying how he had a drive full of throw always and one day Beyoncé sat and listen to a few of his beats and of course she picked a hit single from his throw always. When it comes to doing production for a certain artist, or project I give it my all and it have to be quality. Right now I try to crank out as much tracks as possible when I’m in that zone. I usually get 8+ tracks done a week and everything I would consider on a quality level but once an artist wants it I take it that much further in making it a banger.
    Last but not least, I think if a producer can knock out high quantity of beats they are delivering a picture and someone at any given time can want that picture to make their vision complete. Keep knocking out that production my Maschine Masters…… Ones quantity always, yes always have that piece of quality for someone even if that someone is the individual who created it…. Picture we’ll painted!! Thanks AG

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