Andrew Lloyd’s The Finesser Kit Review

Andrew Lloyd’s The Finesser Kit Review

What’s happening fellow Beat-smiths! D-nast here, with my thoughts and feelings on a super-dope drum kit from our good friends at The Producer’s Choice, and Grammy-nominated producer Andrew Lloyd, titled The Finesser. For those who may not know, Andrew Lloyd is an incredible producer that has worked with the likes of Lil’ Wayne, Mac Miller, Young Jeezy and Tech N9ne, just to name a few. Oftentimes, when producers start to work with superstars like these, they become somewhat greedy, refusing to reveal the sounds used to help build their hits; Andrew believes differently! He believes that producers should be provided with the same genuine sounds that he has incorporated into his Grammy-nominated productions. But enough with the background, let’s dive into this kit!

When I first opened up The Finesser kit, I decided to browse through the 808’s. Andrew Lloyd really offers an immense variety of 808’s: from the deep trunk-rattlers, to the high-pitched, heavily-modulated grimy ones. In my opinion, the 808 is the most important element in a trap-style beat (and this kit offers a great array of options to make some real catchy bass lines!) Of the twenty 808’s available in the kit, my favorite would have to be the 808R. This particular 808 reminds me of the one used in the intro on Meek Mills’ Dreamchaser’s 2 mixtape; it’s a unique, hard-hitter that draws me in every time, and it’s sure to get your head nodding too!

The second most important part of a trap beat, in my opinion, would be some nasty hi-hats to set the rhythm for the rapper to spit on; and once again, Andrew Lloyd really delivers some “heaters”! With a combination of open and closed hats, The Finesser kit offers everything needed to make a dope, quality-sounding trap beat without overwhelming the artist with tons of options along the way. I always believe its more important to have a small selection of high-quality sounds verses a ton of “so-so” sounds that need tweaking. With that being said, this is the perfect kit for those looking to get right into the beat without surfing through a huge library.

Last but not least, the third part of The Finesser that allured me, especially for a trap-style beat, is the variety of loops included. The reason this really appeals to me is because, sometimes while making a beat, I will hit a wall, where I can’t quite figure out what to add to give my beat the “pop” that I’m looking for. When I’m stuck in this situation, it’s extremely convenient to have such a selection of loops to chop-up and add to my beat; you can go from a “not-so-hot” beat to a “flamer” with little-to-no effort at all!

To conclude, The Finesser is a trap producers dream kit! With a nice variety of each drum element used in trap, including 808’s, kicks, snares, fx, percs, hi-hats, toms, and loops, this kit has it all. Andrew Lloyd has supplied an amazing group of sounds that are all perfectly molded for superb quality. Known for having a set of “golden ears,” Lloyd has put together a kit in which each sound can be used right out-of-the-box with minimal modifying. For the low price of $29.99, you can own the same sounds used everyday by a Grammy-nominated producer. What a steal! Now all you have to do is go buy this kit from The Producer’s Choice today, and start assembling your own Grammy-nominated song!




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