Very Sick Keys Sample Library Review

Very Sick Keys Sample Library Review

Hey there ladies and gentleman! D-nast here, giving fellow producers my thoughts and feelings on the VerySickKeys (VSK) sample library from our friend JFILT. JFILT is the creator of the website and is also known for his YouTube series titled “Vinyl vs. Keys”. In the Vinyl vs. Keys videos, JFILT will take a part of a vinyl record that catches his ear, then re-create it using his keyboard. After that, he chops the vinyl up, builds a very nasty beat on top of it, then the viewers get to post their comments about which one they prefer. Which brings us to his newly released sample library VerySickKeys.

The VSK sample library is a compilation of loops and one-hit multi-samples (one-shots) of a variety of keyboard instruments including the clav, wurly, rhodes, piano, harpsichord, and organ. All included sounds are royalty-free samples created by JFLIT himself, and are inspired for soulful hip-hop and R&B . Each loop and one shot in VSK was designed for the producers who might not necessarily have the ability to play the keys themselves, or for the sample-based producer who is looking for a nice vintage-sounding loop to chop-up without blowing the dust off some vinyl and starting up their record player. But enough with the stat list, lets hop into the good stuff.

When I first received VSK, the boom-bapper in me was feeling strong, so I begin to browse through the Rhodes’ loops searching for a good candidate to throw on the chopping block. First to leap out at me, was the fact that each sample is labeled with the bpm it was recorded in; this is super convenient in helping increase one’s work flow, eliminating the time it takes to figure out the bpm you’re sampling at. Not only are the loops labeled with the recorded bpm, but they’re also labeled with the type of note they’re played in, which makes mapping key-groups a breeze. Each Rhodes loop in the kit has a great “vintage warmth” that really sounds as if it were chopped straight from a catchy jazz tune that you would hear riding up an elevator, or in your favorite hotel lobby!

After surfing through and playing around with the rest of the loops, I came to the conclusion that VSK is one dope kit! Each loop certainly has it’s own vibe, but all bring the same “vintage warmth” as I felt playing with the Rhodes’ loops. In my opinion, these loops would best fit a J-Cole or Common-style beat (something with a simple, rhythmic jazz vibe, in which a prominent lyrical message could stand out among). If you really want to make a great beat, after cutting up a loop to your liking, you can round out the remainder of the track with the one shots included in this library/kit; they sound incredible!  As if all of the features above aren’t enough, JFILT also includes a set of five bonus samples, which he arranged using every instrument included within the kit, as well as the individual stems and the drums!

For the low price of just $24.99, JFILT has definitely provided his audience with a killer library. With an abundance of different options,( 250 wav. files in all) VerySickKeys provides something for each producer-level. Whether you’re new to the game in need of a helping loop to finger drum over, or you’re a seasoned professional looking for a dope chop to lay the foundation of your next hit, this kit has something for you. VSK is like having a personal keyboardist! Hop online today, pick this bad boy up, and put him to work!

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