Snare Jordan Enterprises Presents – 12 Piece Review

Snare Jordan Enterprises Presents – 12 Piece Review

What’s up and happy holidays to my MM family. It’s the Maschine Gang General E52BEATS! with the new Snare Jordan (Jake One) Enterprises Presents – 12 Piece review. The “12 Piece “ kit is a construction kit by former G-Unit beatsmith Jake One and trained musician from Oakland by way of Boston G Koop. 12 Piece was put together by these two with the sample based producer in mind. If sample clearance has ever been a problem for you it’s now a thing of the past with the purchase of this sample kit.

78 strings is a full on production complete with strings, bass, leads, pianos and voices. Load this up along with your favorite drums and I’m sure the ideas will start flying out your head faster than you can imagine them.

80 Twang Gang puts you in the mind frame of a G-Funk vibe. These sounds will have you crafting tracks that can easily be submitted to Uncle Snoop and Kendrick Lamar without skipping a beat.

Dear Uncle starts with some nice rhodes keyboard action mixed with some vintage synths. G Koop has an arsenal of everything from a Prophet 5, Memory Moog and Arp to a Pro One and Emulator which all were used in the creation of this project to make all the sounds warm and lush.

Display BNC has a combination of rock, easy listening and soul with a touch of funk in this sample. You can take this in so many direction you might give yourself a headache trying to decide what to do with all these sounds.

Doo Doo reminds me of something Outkast would have on their album. The bass guitar is thick and heavy. The vocal sample fits in perfect along with the organ for a nice blend.

I know could be mistaken for something produced by Daft Punk. It’s dark and filled with a ton of futuristic sounding synth tones. Another well produced track by the duo.

Murder Scene begins with a heavy piano and synth solo, kind of reminds me of a funky Billy Joel lol. Once you add some hard drums it’s truly gonna be a murder scene in you studio! Trust me on this.

Raw and B is exactly what this sample is. Raw R&B! This would be a hit as is, but I know once you add some other elements to this vibe it can only get better. Can’t wait to here what some of y’all do with this sample.

Serious Bidness is serious for real! Straight and to the point, this sample is wicked. Keys, strings and an ill rock guitar gives you a nice selection to get busy with.

The last sample Smooth is sort of like a neo jazz fusion track. Very smoothed out and jazzy. These sounds can be mixed and flipped to create anything your mind can imagine. My favorite sound in this sample would have to be the harps, they sound so vibrant…almost like its being played by an angel.

After listening to this kit for awhile, I have to give it two thumbs up. I’m starting to really appreciate these guaranteed  sample clearance kits and definitely looking forward to grabbing up the next installment from these two. I hope everyone enjoys this kit as much as I did reviewing it. Signing off now….

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