Samplephonics: Hip Hop Crate Diggers Soundpack Review

Samplephonics: Hip Hop Crate Diggers Soundpack Review

You can never have a enough sounds when your a constant creator of art. Drums and sound kits are our weapons of mass production. Samplephonics Presents: Hip Hop Crate Diggers; a sound pack which is overflowed with everything you possibly need. From kicks, snares, drumbreaks, dusty baselines, percussion loops, fx/transitions and more; totaling 423 royalty free files, this is something that can elevate any producers creativity.

Starting with the kicks, HHCD supplies powerful drum sounds, with constant body and thump. Instant bangers are inspired with these speaker bussers. Snares and claps are snappy, crisp and a variety of samples to have all the essentials. I found myself not processing the sounds at all because they are eq’ed in the proper frequency.

One of my favorites in the Crate diggers kit are the percussion. These sounds have a great texture and top ring to them. Reminds me of some dirty sleigh bells that are full and will fill the pocket. Hi Hats all have clang with dry and reverb wet options. It is a preference with some producers to use dry sounds vs sounds with effects. I prefer the effects because that effect might inspire me to use it.

Basslines can be a problematic issue with new producers. HHCD breaks downs bass samples with 808’s, analog, live ,bowed and upright types. Bass hits and loops are labeled in what key they are in and tempo. This gives a great starting point and builds confidence of learning the musical scale.

But wait there’s more! The mastermind behind this soundpack, RiggleBeats, throws in music loops of funky rhodes chords, stabs/single note hits, ill grooves, soulful strings and chop melodies ready to layer anything you have. Adding elements like these can add the secret sauce to any beat that needs a little more. With being labeled in the key signature, its easy to plug in to what your already doing.

In conclusion, Hip Hop Crate Diggers is a fully loaded kit ready in all formats; 24Bit Wav, or sampler instrument patches for Reason NN-XT, Kontakt 4 and Logic EXS24. Load it up in the format for you to maximize your workflow. With an affordable price of £34.70/56.53 USD, these are the goods for any production style of Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Funk, Soul, RnB, Lounge and more. Checkout the demo below and get this ultimate sound pack now!


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