Rob Papen’s BLUE Review

Rob Papen’s BLUE Review

Whats good MM fam! I’m back with another well informed review for another dope VST. As producers we need all the weapons to add to our sound holster. Rob Papen’s “Blue” is a next level synth which he describes it as “Crossfusion synthesis”. With over 2000 presets available at our disposal, Blue offers a warm gritty type synth processing engine to add to our creations.

RP supplies this soundware with 6 oscillators, 10 LFO’s, multi-envelopes, arpeggiators and modulation step sequencers in a user friendly visual interface. This makes things easy for producers to spend more time getting ideas out for better workflow. Equipped with Pads, Digital/Analog Basses, Arps, Synth Leads, along with genre specific sounds from Dubstep, Dance and Hip Hop.

BLUE has many gems that can be used in your tracks. The sounds are crisp and warm with the leads and pads, while the synths are edgy giving that grimy saw-like feature that will cut through those bass heavy beats.  The production styles that can really benefit from this are Trap, Dance, Dubstep and Boomtrap. A sleeper in music production sounds are transition sounds. RP donates 4 full banks totaling over 100 different rises, falls, and ear candy effects. With a variety of different sounds at your reach they will surely add the finishing polish on your beats.

Now its one thing reading this and making a descision to purchase, then its another to see how your peers choose to use the sound banks. Below I created a sound preview of sounds that stood out for me and made a few melodies. With over 2000 presets this a very small sample size, but are my initial reactions while previewing RP’s BLUE. It is listed at a very affordable price at USD 99 individually or it can be bundled with Explorer II that includes other Rob Papen unique soundware. Get it now and get to creating!! Peace.



If you still are looking for more info check out the video below as Rob Papen himself introduces us to BLUE


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