Preparing to Shop Beats

Preparing to Shop Beats 

What’s up MM fam! It’s the homie E52beats with another MM producer tip for y’all. Let me say, I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Holiday. But now with all of the Christmas shopping out of the way, it’s time to get into my favorite shopping of them all. B-E-A-T-S; BEATS!

When preparing to shop beats you should pull out all the stops. It should be lights,camera, action! Go time! I know a lot of producers get caught up in producing the standard 8, 16 then back to 8 bars format, but in all actuality that’s really limiting your production skills. When car manufacturers produce a concept car it has all types of bells and whistles that never make it into production or the showroom floors. It should be the same when it comes to your production. Let the Artist and A&R hear how you envisioned the track and then y’all can start to make revisions if needed afterwards. The original Get Money by Junior Mafia had a ton of production involved when EZLP originally made it. It wasn’t until later that Biggie and Un Rivera ask LP to remove some of the elements from the original track. But it was the full production that LP submitted that made them want the track to begin with.

So from now on I want y’all to start making music for YOU first…meaning do you, do what feels good to you. You can’t sit at your production station and say I’m going to make a track for such and such or so and so and hope that they like it… that’s even if it ever gets to them. Once you start making the music that you want to make I guarantee you people will start to see your vision and will want to become part of it. Lord Finesse always says find a job you love and you’ll never work again. Now get out there and try to land your first major placement! Until next time.. 1



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