Native instruments Resonant Blaze Expansion Review

Native instruments Resonant Blaze Expansion Review

What’s good MM fam? It’s your roving reporter BeatzGalore here with a review for an amazing product, The Native Instruments Resonant Blaze Expansion Pack. As we all know Native Instruments is at the top of their game when it comes to sound design, providing producers from every genre with powerful tools to create professional musical compositions. The Resonant Blaze Expansion is like another proverbial “notch in the belt” for Native Instruments. It further establishes their dominance in an increasingly competitive sound design market!

When I first downloaded it, I was really happy to see it was only a “slim” 327 MB. That’s sure to be a bonus for any of us out there (myself included) that constantly monitor or are in short supply of hard drive space. Now don’t think just because it’s relatively small that it’s lacking in any way. This baby is “jam packed” with 7 full Maschine projects; I like these because they give me creative inspiration, while showcasing the many possibilities of the various kits. They’ve also been kind enough to supply us with 36 drum kits which I find helpful for increased “workflow speed”. Add a percussion kit, 6 special kits, 60 Massive presets and a “whopping” 250 patterns, and what you have is a recipe for some “sonic jambalaya”. There is literally something for producers of any genre, ranging from Drum and Bass to Dubstep to Trap. It’s almost unfair.

I was like a “morbidly obese” 4 year old belly flopping in a pool of gummi bears when I first opened the expansion pack. There was just so much of a good thing, I was briefly “overwhelmed”! Thanks to Maschine 2.0’s “stupid easy” tag based visual browser, I was quickly able to regain my composure and start “surfing” through the seemingly endless waves of sounds. From “thunderous” sub basses to “silky” pads I tried to tame them all. This particular expansion also takes full advantage of Maschine 2.0’s sidechaining capabilties and other newly added effects like the well received plate reverb and my personal favorite thing on earth; the Maschine 2.0 drum synth. Not to mention, it’s also available for NI’s imaschine app (iphone and ipad) to quickly sketch out your ideas on the move.

If you haven’t decided to “take the plunge” into Maschine’s new software, Resonant Blaze just might be the excuse to do it and with it’s modest sticker price of $49 USD it’s well worth the try. I can say I was in a creative space that I haven’t been in for a while thanks to this expansion pack and that my friends; is invaluable. If you’d like to give it a try it’s available now at



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