Minty Drums 2 Review

Minty Drums 2 Review

What’s up ladies and gentlemen! D-nast here, bringing you my take on the latest installment in the Minty Drums drum kit series, created by mastermind Jordan Thorn and provided to you by The Drum Broker. Jordan Thorn is known for providing original vintage drum sounds to big-time producers, via his extensive library of vinyls. Each drum sound included in this kit was sampled from Jordan’s exclusive library and processed through analog equipment, giving you fragments of original drums that professional producers seek daily… but enough with the nitty gritty, let’s get into the fun stuff!

The first thing I noticed once I began to browse through the Minty Drums Vol.2 drum kit was how well-organized it is. Nothing is worse than spending your hard-earned-cash on some new drums, only to turn around and spend an hour organizing files according to how they sound. Well, no worries here! Jordan Thorn has taken the time to arrange these sounds into separate folders based on what was used to sample and process the sounds; I personally love this, because when getting creative, you are presented with a multitude of folders to look at, rather than just a single “kick” folder. This great organizing of sounds really helps cut down on time spent pinpointing a certain sound or style: thank you Mr. Thorn!

Diving right in, I began to play around with some of the drums, and was floored again by the vast amount of high-quality options that are included for such a low price. My favorite sounds in the kit are the Vermona kicks. These kicks bring powerful low thumps with gritty decays, posing as alternatives to played-out 808’s. With over 40 to choose from, these kicks are a must-have addition to any collection, and will have you grinding out Odd Future-style beats all day!

It doesn’t stop with the Vermona kicks; the rest of MDV2 is a banger! All of the other (remaining) kicks sound crisp and offer a range of different options. You will also find a dedicated section of kicks for layering purposes, so, not only are you given a bunch of kicks to choose from, but you can also layer your own for a custom sounds! Now, that’s pretty cool if you ask me! MDV2 goes on to include an entire live drum kit, which was recorded and processed with the same equipment used for the vinyl samples. This section of the drum kit was a lot of fun to work with, because it makes building your own breaks easy, while also giving you the ability to add natural-sounding drums to your mix without having an actual drum kit setup in your studio!

In conclusion, Jordan Thorn and The Drum Broker have done it again! For one low price of $24.99, you’ll pocket an incredible upgrade to your drum library, giving you the power to separate yourself from the crowd. Each sound in this kit has its own unique flavor that will taste great with any style track you serve up. As a true drum fiend, I am always looking for a fresh set of sounds to add to my library without breaking the bank, and Mr. Thorn always seems to have my fix! With that being said, make sure you stay tuned for more installments in the Minty Drums series!


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