Maschine Masters Top 10 Drum Kits of 2013

Maschine Masters Top 10 Drum Kits of 2013

Whats up MM! As you know we’ve always believed in providing you with free quality content so we felt it was unfair to stop at Maschine.  We started doing tutorials and reviews for every piece of gear, VST and drum kit we could get our grubby little mitts on.  All to better equip our new and veteran community members with the tools to be successful. With that being said, we decided to put together our first official Top 10 kits of 2013!

While that’s not as easy as it sounds when it comes to this team. We had to first individually make a list of all the hot drum kits out there, which totaled around 50 or so. Then we each brought our list to a round table discussion so we could “whittle” the list down to our top 10.  After a lengthy discussion, a few red bulls, and the occasional bathroom break we finally arrived at a definitive list we all could agree with.

Here’s the countdown:


10  [Illeagle Neckbrace Inducer]  For those of you not familiar with D-Ski The ILLeagle, get familiar! While he is by no means a new comer to hiphop production, having worked with the likes of Pharoahe Monch, Jean Grae, and Marv One; this is his first endeavor into the world of Drum Kits. But don’t get it twisted, his first entry is definitely a welcome addition. Be on the look out for a Neckbrace Inducer 2. To check out our full review click here



9  [Sean Divines’ 336 Kit]   This cleverly named kit comes packed with 3 sets of 36 original samples from the clap, kick and snare family meticulously sampled, mixed and edited to give your drums that “wow” factor. he didn’t stop there though, he also laced us with 20 Percs, and 15 sounds each from hats, FX, and Loops categories. This kit was on several of our best of list. Definitely look into this one. To check out our full review click here


Breaks Collection

8 [Minty Breaks Collection] This kit is for the heads that love to slice and dice break beats. Speak Mumbles aka Jordan Thorn is no newby when it comes to drums and breaks. He’s actually known for supplying a lot of your favorite producers with rare drums that are used in their classics. With that knowledge alone he is worthy to make the top 10. But for this kit to contain over 850 breaks made it that more worthier. To check out this kit click here



7  [Cardiak Flatline Kit Vol. 1] Cardiak is a go to producer for a lot of industry heavyweights such as Eminem, Rick Ross and 50 cent to name a few. However this is his first run in the drum kit marathon. Being handed a baton by his homie !llmind he didn’t disappoint placing in our top 10 with his initial tryout! We are definitely waiting to see what next year brings. To check out our full review click here



6  [Anno Domini Drum Collection 3] The Anno Domini production team is a name synonymous with hard hitting tracks. They have worked with almost every artist nameable, won numerous awards, and they’ve also found success in film, broadcast, and advertisement. They gave us all access to their “big” drums they are so well known for.  This drum kit is one the hardest hitting ones out there, to check it out click here

organic drums

5  [Xclusive-Audio Organic Drums]  At the half way mark is Xclusive Audio’s Organic Drums. For those who don’t know of them we strongly urge you to do some research. They are like the “little giants” of the the sound design market. They’ve been delivering fresh, delicious kits for a while now and Organic Drums is just another one.  We all had this kit ranked pretty high on our individual lists. There’s a ton of sounds in this kit that we all considered go to sounds. We’re sure you will too. To check out our full review click here


monster drums

4  [Kicks And Snares Monster Kit]  We’re on the home stretch now, and this drum kit is something special. We all had a soft spot in our hearts for this small yet massive drum kit. Kicks And Snares has been offering professional drum sounds to industry professionals for years now. They’ve recently passed the torch to Jim Bond the new owner and creative director. To check out our full review click here



3  [Beat Butcha Pure Protein 2] This is one of my personal favorite drum kits. I was a big fan of Pure Protein 1 and I’ve gotten a lot of good results using this kit and so have my MM Alumni. It’s definitely worth looking into if you feel as though your drums are lacking on the bottom end. To check out our video review click here



2  [Jake One – Snare Jordan] We’re down to the runner up. Mr. Snare Jordan himself! Jake One has laced artist from 50cent to Freeway to DeLa Soul.. the list goes on and on. He decided to drop this classic kit that earned him top rankings on all of our lists. Please believe this is not MJ returning wearing 45.. this is number 23; tight rope chain and mini fro Jordan in rarest form! To check out our full review click here



1  [!llmind – Blapkit Series] Man handling the number 1 spot of the first ever top 10 list is the dope drum pusher !llmind. This dude has literally created fiends in the super producer drum kit category . All of us had at least 2 of his Blap series kits in our top 10! Not to mention the other kits he has dropped along with producing for artist like Kanye, Slaughterhouse and Ryan Leslie this year alone. We are strong believers in rewarding producers for their hard work and !llmind is definitely deserving of this years crown! To check out our full review click here

While this list is not the end all be all, we do believe these are among the crème de la crème! Therefore we will be including several of them in our Maschine Flash Drive Giveaway If you have some kits that you feel should have made the list, please post below as honorable mentions. Or to check out our long list of drum kit reviews we did this year click here. Shouts to each and everyone that made quality kits this year and we hope that you will continue to contribute to the production community!


Until Next Year,

Beatz Galore

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