Maschine Masters Battle Beats Vol. 1

Maschine Masters Battle Beats Vol. 1

When it comes to Beat Battles, we at see them as an opportunity to inspire our community of producers through friendly competition. We have witnessed several of our producers grow from “fresh in the game” to Battle Champs within a years time! While other seasoned vets may just enjoy participating. Whatever the reason, everyone comes away with something.. Our top 3 winners with prizes! click here for more info

Without further ado we would like to present the first Maschine Masters Battle Beats Vol.1 This is a mixtape comprised of instrumental beats from our past 10 Beat Battle winners. Please listen, download, share.. but most of all be driven to participate and hopefully we will be featuring your winning beat on Vol. 2!

Winner Collage Track list



***If you are an artist and decide to use these beats please give our producers their credit***

Maschine Masters

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