KINGSWAY MUSIC LIBRARY VOL 2 is the new production kit from Frank Dukes and The Drum Broker that’s definitely something everyone should have in their collection. It’s filled with some of the hottest sounds I’ve heard all year. This Kit features 17 original samples, so clearance will never be an issue when it comes to using any of the loops in this kit. The vibe of this kit is real dream like and that’s due to the use of the rare vintage synths such as MemorymoogPolymoogKorg MonopolyCS80 by Yamaha and a few others. You can hear the vintage Drums and Guitar Amps tooYou can definitely hear the quality of the gear used to Eq this project. NEVE EQ’S played a big part in this compilation giving it that PSYCHEDELIC ROCK sound from the 60’s.

I started with Garden and I was immediately amped to see what was next because the production on the track just had my mind seeing vivid colors soundscapes!  Aquamarin was the 2nd sample that I checked out and it was reminiscent of early OUTKAST or Black Moon with it’s subtle drums and deep base, I’m telling you…the sample was groovy.  CHBLAP started out like somewhat of a TRAP song minus the heavy and rapid 808 drums, but as I listened to it all the way thru I immediately saw the many directions I could take this sample to. Cold War has that classic 70’s soul feel. It almost reminds you of an old Curtis Mayfield sample. Shock Theory and Warriors has to be my favorite in the kit, but all of them have the potential to all become favorites.

KINGSWAY MUSIC LIBRARY VOL 2 is definitely  something to snatch up, but I suggest you get it quick because these loops won’t go untouched for long…think The Neptune’s and the way Pharrell ran through the KORG TRITON. It’s first come first serve when it comes to things like this. Frank Dukes really knows how to blend sounds and instruments to create Original Samples that you want to loop,chop and flip to make them something completely new…Or you can just loop them, they’re just that dope.

Once you grab this kit and start to get dig deep into it you’ll see why Frank Dukes is the go to guy for producers such as Jake One,!llmindCardiak and many others.

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