FreeVee Friday [Luxonix LFX-1310]

FreeVee Friday [Luxonix LFX-1310]

Peace “FreeVee” friday crew your humble “scoutmaster” has returned from the “Turkey Day” hiatus with a heaping helping of “leftovers” in the form of an amazing “FreeVee” from Korean software developer Luxonix. Luxonix first hit the scene in 2004 with the introduction of Ravity, for those of you not familar with Ravity it was a software sound module designed to be an amazingly small program in terms of Cpu usage and hard drive size, but deliver “gargantuan” sound quality. They succeeded in doing just that, The Ravity saw many great magazine reviews and was well received by the electronic music community. I personally never got to use that particular VST as it has been discontinued; but I would have loved to. I have used it’s progeny Purity before and I must say I was extremely impressed with the sounds, the fact that they load instantly (which I’m sure none of us would complain about), and the modest sticker price of $49 USD if your interested you can purchase here

But wait a minute!!! This is “FreeVee” friday right? Here I am rambling on about “modest” sticker prices (blah blah) and $49 USD (blah blah blah) that no one has right now, I mean “sheesh” it is Christmas time and all! I’m feeling like a skinnier, darker, version of your relative that “re-gifts” things (like your gift from last x-mas), right now so here’s your blender back, I mean; FreeVee! The Luxonix LFX-1310. The LFX-1310 is and award winning free plug-in multi-effector including 24 types of algorithm, 3 serial slots and is fully optimized for low CPU load. It is the standalone version of the high quality effects found in the aforementioned Ravity.

It “sports” an impressive library of 128 presets for those of us who are not graduates of some “high dollar” audio engineering school, or for those that just don’t care about the particulars. I find the presets to be extremely helpful in terms of keeping my “workflow” pace “nice and speedy”. With the 3 slots included you can arrange and rearrange your effects signal change anyway you like. I refer to this as the “burger king phenomenon”! You can literally have any of the included effects “your way”.

The LFX-1310 has an S’Filter 12 and 24, 3band Eq, Peak and RMS compression, overdrive, distortion, spring reverb, auto-wah and tons more. They’ve filled this Vst to rim till it’s overflowing with refreshing and inspiring ways to manipulate your sound. All of the knobs are “dumb easy” to read and understand, this helps you know why your tweaking each parameter, and what sound you should hope to achieve. I’ve been personally using this “FreeVee” in my vocal signal chain. I’ve got some really cool results using the The peak compressor, spring reverb and auto-wah in conjunction with other “secret ingredients”! I’m sure you guys will come up with some interesting presets yourself. Sadly no 64 bit support is available and it’s an older Vst; so I don’t expect there to be any, but it’s still a “damn good” plug to have in your “Survival Kit”. Wanna try it out? Click Here

As always I’d like to thank Luxinox and other companies like them that support the music community as a whole by providing us with, quality free and “pay to play” software.

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