Building your Producer Brand 101

Building your Producer Brand 101

What’s up MM! This your man AG aka AG GOT BEATS everyewhere! That’s what brings me to this blog post. I’m in constant contact with a lot of producers whether from questions on my Native Instruments Maschine tutorial videos, to MM Beat Battles, to #instabattles we hold on Instagram, giveaways etc.. you get the point. But through all of these interactions I began to notice there are a lot of producers out here that don’t understand the importance of Building a Producer Brand.

For instance, take Mr. Dope Beats (a name I just made up) that’s a username he chose here on Let’s say he just won a monthly beat battle and I contact him to let him know. His email address is May not seem like a big deal at this point but I immediately see this as an issue. So we converse thru email and I ask for his social media info to shout him out and I get a reply like this.

No doubt homie, my Twitter is @beatsmania; Facebook is John Beats Blaze; and you can add my Instagram too @labmonstajohn. Now do you guys see the pattern, or lack of. For us producers fresh in the game trying to build a buzz, we have to make it as easy as possible for our potential fans or businesses to reach us anywhere. Its very difficult to do so if they have to remember a gang of names. Trust, they will stop searching most likely after the first attempt. Now I get that some platforms may have that name taken but don’t totally abandon it. Take notes from successful producers like DJ Premier (add REAL in front if the name is unavailable) @REALDJPREMIER. You should notice an increase in your following if you are promoting one name. If nothing else it will allow you more time to work on producing music instead of typing out 15 different social media links.

Feel free to post some of your ideas that may help others to build their brand more efficiently. Until the next post you can follow me EVERYWHERE @AGGOTBEATS

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