Building Your Producer Brand 101 pt2

Building Your Producer Brand 101 pt2

What up MM! Your man AG back with a quick blog post for the Holidays. Since we’re in a giving season, I wanted to share another tip on Building Your Producer Brand! Hopefully it’s something you can implement going into 2014!

Last time in Part 1 we touched on keeping your brand consistent across the social media platforms. Today I want to talk about FOCUS. I know when we first start out we’re all amp’d about being on every social media site on the world wide web. That’s fine to be accessible all over but focus on one site. For me it was Youtube when I started. I decided to stay there because that’s where my best reception was from the gate. As I began to build my audience I then started letting them know I was also on Twitter, Facebook etc. What that did was cause a funnel effect, meaning my true fans (I hate that word) would also come to those platforms to chat with me or to keep up with what I had going on in between videos. There is also a feature on most social networks to link them to one another. USE IT! One way I use it that works great is I start a post on Instagram and it automatically posts to all my other accounts. So I’m able to keep everyone up to date all at once! Again, find what works best for you.

As you continue your career you will have to adapt to your crowd. If the first platform you choose to focus on starts to dip but you notice an increase say on Soundcloud.. put more effort there! So in closing don’t spread yourself too thin where you won’t have a presence anywhere. Treat your audience right and they will continue to support you through whatever you do! Hope this helped and until the next one.. catch me EVERYWHERE @AGgotBeats



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