Ultimate X Sounds Vol. 1 Review

We all know that Massive by NI is an unbelievably powerful VST. The sounds that come preset in it out the box are beyond phenomenal. But there are sound designers out there that simply want more from the powerful synth. Meet Ultimatexsounds.com (Ultimate X Sounds Facebook), leaders in sound design for not only NI’s Massive but Access Virus, Dune and Sylenth 1. Today we’re diving into Vol. 1 of their 5 volume set for Massive. Packed in this sound set are 64 handcrafted original sounds to immediately be put to use. The sounds cover types such as atmosphere, bass, leads, synths, and more. There is surely something for everyone.

Starting with the leads, you’ll find lots of depth, no shortage what-so-ever. Many of these sounds have extensive reverb to bring life and air to the sound. Many of these sounds will cut through your mixes and really drive your track. One of my personal favs is “Andromeda”. It will only be a matter of time before we hear this synth over a crazy 4 on the floor dance track.

Another very well done section in this sound set is the plucks. Who doesn’t love plucks? They are always that little extra to put a track over the top much like adding sprinkles to an ice cream sundae. Ultimate X has 12 well placed plucks included in this set to do just that. None of ’em a disappointment. While most have some sort of small delay, there is an abuse of some of the reverb used on a few of these.

To round out this sound set you’ll find SFX, keys, pads, synths and bass. Most of which done very well, while the bass section, leaves little more to be desired.  This sound set does have the necessary tools to make your dance floor, or your hood anthems come alive without question. On a scale of 1-16 pads (1 being LeBron’s hairline and 16 being Rick Fox’s curls) Volume 1 from Ultimate X Sounds comes in at an 11. I can’t wait to get my hands on volumes 2-5 because I am positive they can only get better.


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