The Official 9th Wonder Drum Kit – 9th Wonder Treats

The Official 9th Wonder Drum Kit – 9th Wonder Treats

Hey there fellow Masters‘! D-nast here, with my input on the new drum kit, 9th Wonder Treats, from the infamous 9th Wonder and our good friends at The Drum Broker. 9th Wonder made his way into the hip-hop scene as the lead producer for the rap group Little Brother, and after catching the attention of Young Guru, 9th earned a single on Jay-Z’s Black Album. He also produced the single “Girl” for Destiny’s Child, which reached #23 on the Billboard charts. With these achievements and many more, it goes without saying that owning sounds from 9th himself is a big deal!

9Th Wonder Treats includes 35 kicks, 35 snares and 30 hats, all derived from 9th’s personal collection. When I was first sent this kit, I was in need of some new hats to throw on a few different beats that were in the works; this kit was a huge help! With a variety of open and closed hats, this was the favorite feature of this drum kit, each hat is super clean and really crispy. In my opinion, there really isn’t a bad hat in the kit. This will certainly be the first kit I go to for my hats; they are beast!

Don’t underestimate the rest of this kit. The kicks and snares included in 9th Wonder Treats are dope as well! Each sound in this kit is ridiculously clean. Out of all 35 kicks in my opinion there is about 7 or 8 that I would use as a go to in certain situations. I tend to like big punchy kicks, and these tend to be more thin and punchy, but you might feel differently. On the other hand I enjoyed a great majority of the snare’s available in this kit, 9th wonder is known for his vinyl sampling and these snares are some prime chops from his collection. You’ll get 100 sounds in all, 16Bit 44Khz .Wav format so they will work in the DAW or your choice.

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of 9th Wonder’s work this is a must buy. 9th Wonder  is known for chopping and arranging out a dope sample and layering a simple yet powerful drum loop on top. If this your style of music production this kit would be a great fit for you too. The only issue I had with this entire kit is that there wasn’t more sounds, but overall the quality is superb and is a nice addition to any library. Once again, for $24.99 The Drum Broker has provided you with another dope kit from a heavy hitting producer, so go cop this one when it officially drops on 12/1/13 and chef up a masterpiece!

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