The Hidden Dangers of Pirated Software

The Hidden Dangers of Pirated Software

[Disclaimer: Maschine Masters does not promote the support of illegally downloaded materials also known as PIRATING]

Let’s face it, most of us, if not all of us, use one or another source of music/sound based software that has not been purchased legally. Hell, for the cost of many of these programs it’s highly understandable why someone would rather simply download a copy of their sort after VST, DAW or favorite plug-in. To be honest, I’m guilty of this as well. However, some people may not be aware of the risks involved. Read on before you consider downloading pirated software.

First, you run the risk of exposing your computer to viruses. Depending on the software, or who cracked the file will, determine how severely your computer will be damaged. You may even have your entire hard drive wiped out! And we all know what that means. All those fire beats, samples, drums and sounds that you have saved are now GONE. However , you still have everything because you kept a backup…. Right? None the less even with a backup, you are now going to have to spend countless hours, locating files, and reinstalling everything.

Most software companies have a database setup so an authentic copy of your “purchased” software can be registered before even being able to use it. This also protects the customer in the event that the software is lost, damaged or needs to be updated. Now here’s the catch with pirated software. Most software will automatically direct you to their main site once the software is downloaded. You will then be asked for a form of authentication, a serial number, keygen, whether it be a cracked code or not. What you don’t see is that in the background your IP address is being recorded. In fact, anytime you visit a site your IP address is recorded and tracked. The two primary reasons for this tracking are for security and site improvement. Additionally, it’s used to learn which pages are most popular.

Here’s an experience that I encountered while searching through a well known site, I stumbled across a pirated version of Waves Plug-in bundle, a highly recommended plug-in for those who can afford the $2500 price tag. So of course, I downloaded it, followed the install instructions and bam $2500 worth of equalization, dynamics, compression and a bunch more features saved right to my hard drive. Days later, I’m in my creative zone going over some tracks that I’d been working on the night before. My computer is connected to the internet, which allows that database I mentioned to run in the background. Now because I did not have an official copy of this great expensive software; “what had happened was” the company was able to remotely shutdown my computer and wipe out all of the features that came with their software. This means that every feature of theirs I used to create something was gone, including my music. Sucks I know but better than the law knocking at my door, which can also happen.

So to avoid all of the hassle that goes along with pirated software, I recommend just saving up and purchase it legally! Your computer will thank you for it.

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3 thoughts on “The Hidden Dangers of Pirated Software

  1. WELL KNOWN TONE says:

    Wow what a loss…I heard stories of that happening. Definetly a huge risk you run when pirating software of any sort. Ecspecially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Music production can become costly…my advice to others would be to make the investments you need to make in the software you know you will be using and stick to it for a while so youre not spending tons of money trying to stay current on the latest. We must remember our predacessors made dope beats with far less than what we have today.

    • HUSH SOUNDZ says:

      i agree totally. our predecessors made great music with much less. a lot of these companies i believe just target producers. selling the dream of , if you buy/use my software or equipment that you will instantly make great music.not the case. its best to learn the what you have and allow you creativity to flow.

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