The Drum Broker Kingsway Music Library Review

The Drum Broker Kingsway Music Library Review

What’s good “Maschine Heads”? It’s ya boy Beatz Galore with another product review for ya. This one is for the Kingsway Music Library brought to us by the amazing people at The Drum Broker and multi genre music producer and composer Frank Dukes. Dukes who has an extensive background in sample based beat making and is an avid vinyl collector; has used his expertise to compose original samples for some of the industries leading producers such as Illmind, Jake One and Cardiak to name a few. Now we too have access to the same resources in the form of The Kingsway Music Library.

Kingsway Music library is a collection of 15 original music samples that cover a wide variety of musical tastes. From “Dirty to Purty” This music collection has got it all. First off let’s talk about sound quality. The Kingsway Music Library samples were recorded on 1″ tape ie; (Ampex 456 reel to reel) using classic instruments from 60’s era pscychadelic rock and jazz; so you instantly have an analog sound that you normally can’t get without the use of plug-ins in today’s music applications. The result from using this recording technique is nothing short of ingenious, considering that most sampled beats are a derivative of a piece of music that was recorded when analog technology was “King”.

A soon as I opened the folder to listen to the material I was immediately inspired to “chop” the very first song I heard. That “never” happens to me as I am a picky producer when it comes to samples I use in my production. Well after a few clicks of the mouse and an 8 bar drum beat later I was calling over my artist’s to listen to the “banger” I created. As soon as they arrived and heard the track they were scrambling to find notebooks and pens each one with the soul purpose of “murdering” the offering I laid before them. We spent the rest of the day arranging and fine tuning the beat then we recorded the song later that evening. That is just how amazing each one of the songs included in Kingsway Music Library are and just how easy it is to come away with “classic” material. It’s like having some of the worlds greatest session musicians at your beckoning call, for a fraction of the price ($39.99 USD).

This collection of samples are among the best I’ve ever heard or had the “pleasure” of using. All 15 samples are worthy of some sort of manipulation and believe me, you’ll find that to be a very true statement once you’ve got this powerful production tool in your arsenal. Frank Dukes is like a “sonic crack peddler” and I’m Pookie from New Jack City! It was so hard to stop creating music just to finish this review; in fact I’m going through withdrawal as I write this; I’m definitely in need of another hit!!

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