TCustomz Productionz Vocal Sample Kit VOL1

 TCustomz Productionz Vocal Sample Kit VOL1

HEY!!!!  UGH!!!  YEAH!!!

Nah I’m playin’. Wuts good MM Fam. It’s the one and only 3X, back in the place to be with another review for all my Producer people always on the lookout for the next “what to buy”.  Let me tell you something. I talk to so many producers on a day to day basis. And the one common question I tend to get asked a lot is, “where did you get that vocal sample?”, or “where did that AW YEAH! come from fam?”.

Well truth be told, its comes from DIGGING! Scouring the Earth looking for bits and pieces of audio that you can snatch from any and every audio file you come in contact with. Whether rummaging thru the basement for dusty, old and obscure vinyl, or traversing the web in search of one specific song in a-capella format so you can trim that single “grunt” sound from an old classic. Many of us, hell, most of us have been there. Yet still, some cats just don’t roll like that and have no idea where to start looking.  But today, none of that matters.

Enter TCustomz Productionz  “Vocal Sample Kit Vol1”.  I first heard of TCustomz from a dope producer friend of mine known as “D-ski the Illeagle” who some of you know for his Neck Break Inducer Kit Vol.1. He filled me in on TCustomz and the dope work he has been doing, so I had to check it out for myself. Illeagle was right on the money. TCustomz has been putting in work, and one of the results is a very useful kit of sounds that are not easy to find. Not without putting in some work. While most sounds we use in Hip-hop production are a dime a dozen, I’ve found that many producers tend to guard their more personal samples. Not just the rare finds and hard to come by stuff, but the samples that come from endless hours of digging, trimming, processing and making them “your own”.

Not everyone thinks that way. Thankfully, TCustomz decided to compile and share these samples for a mere 10 bucks($9.99). Included in this kit is a total of 100 Vocal samples (70 Samples+30 Bonus Samples). Yes, the kit is comprised entirely of Vocal Samples. No fillers or other stuff you will just pass over. Just load this one up, and you’ll find tons of Ooh’s, Yeahs, Ughs, Ow’s , Whoa’s, Grunts, plenty others.

The samples are in basic 16bit 44.1khz .WAV format, so they will work in any DAW or Production workstation you consider your “weapon of choice”. Many of the samples have been processed and effected too. Actually, that is the only thing about this kit that I wasn’t  totally amped about. I would like to have maybe seen him do “Wet” and “Dry” folders, with Effected and Non-Effected versions of the samples. (Maybe we can see that in Vol2 TCustomz!) But I do have to say, that while the FX on a few of the samples were not exactly what I would choose, it was no problem to trim any of them back down to vocal itself, and add my own FX.

All in all, I think for 10 bucks this is a steal. You get 100 vocals that are completely usable in the vast landscape that is Hip-hop. I really do hope to see a Volume 2 of this kit. I know I speak for more than just myself when I say you can never have enough of these types of samples. They add color, excitement, contrast and when used creatively, can really help turn an average beat into something above average.

So YEAH! be sure to go cop this one. WOO! It’s really a no-brainer. UGH! Why you still reading this.. C’MON! HEY! be sure to check out TCustomz own video showcasing some of the sounds in the YouTube video below!


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