Minty Drums and Percussion Review

Minty Drums and Percussion Review

Hey there fellow Masters! D-nast here, bringing you my thoughts and feelings on the first installment of the Minty Drums & Percussion drum kit: another great kit in the expansive library created by Jordan Thorn and available at The Drum Broker . At the low price of $19.99, this kit consists of nearly 350 original drum samples that come in both 24/96 and 16/44.1. Jordan Thorn is known as a supplier of original drum samples to professional producers all around the world. His drums can be heard on popular tracks from big names such as 50 Cent, and Lil Wayne all the way to Rick Ross and Eminem! But enough with the synopsis, let’s dive in!

The word ‘mint,’ as an adjective, is used to define an item that appears new or unused. The moment I loaded up this drum kit, I could see exactly why The Drum Broker deemed it as “minty”. As always, I started out looking for a predominate punch (kick) to outset a killer drum loop. As I began to browse the kit, I came to the realization that it possesses every kick you could ever need to produce a bumpin’ track.

With over 170 options to chose from, my personal favorite kicks are those with the MOOG filters; these deep boomers bring a nice gritty sound that really stands out on some of my mixes. Each kick included in the kit comes with various styles of the same kick that are mixed with different effects; some may consider this “filler” and would rather mix them on their own, however, I like the option of receiving a vast amount of sounds that require little to no mixing, ultimately increasing work flow.

Although the kicks are definitely the star of the Minty Drums & Percussion drum kit, the rest of the kit is not to be undersold. Each snare and clap in this kit equally compliments every kick, and provides you with everything needed to build some epic drums to pair with a sick sample. Similar to the kicks, every additional sound in the kit comes with a few different variations of the effects applied to them. Once you’re in the ball park, you are presented with an array of options to fine-tune that unique sound that you are looking for.

Overall, this is one of my favorite kits that I have reviewed so far! For such a small price, you gain a potentially huge advantage, by being given opportunity to lay professional-sounding drums on a track without breaking the bank. In my opinion, the kicks alone are worth more than the price of the entire Minty Drums & Percussion drum kit; everything else is simply a bonus, making this kit an essential addition to any drum collection. The Drum Brokers are out of their minds for selling this kit at only $19.99!  Pick this up today. Come on, you deserve it. I promise you’ll never have flat drums again! And with more to come, make sure you keep an eye out for my next review “Minty Drums Vol.2” as well as Jordans next installment in the Minty series.

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