Maschine Masters Maschine Studio 2.0 Giveaway Winner!


Maschine Masters Maschine Studio 2.0 Giveaway Winner!


First and for most, I can’t thank Maschine Masters enough for selecting me for this amazing prize. Words can’t explain how much it means to me. Not only do I want to thank them for the Maschine Studio but everything else as well. Like alot of producers coming into the game these days, I was on the fence about my weapon of choice. I hit the net researching the Akai MPC and came across this other machine with orange pads that lit up. I was like “oh shit”, that looks dope. So from there I steered away from looking into the MPC series and focused on learning more about the Native Instruments Maschine. Naturally, I stumbled across AG Got Beats’ tutorials. His clear explainations and sleek vids reeled me in and cleared up alot of questions I had about the Maschine. From there it was on…a few weeks went by, I stacked my bread and copped my first Maschine.

First thing I did was hit AG on Twitter and that’s when he told me to sign up for I studied his videos and networked wit the community soakin’ up everything I could learn. Met some amazing people along the way, some that I keep in touch with daily who share the same love for Maschine that I do. In my first year of doing this I was able to learn the basics to beat making. Once I conquered one thing I was eager to learn something new…and Maschine Masters was always on time with the right tutorials. If the tutorial wasn’t ready, there was always someone I could go to for help. That’s what helped me grow.

During my first year of producing I was able to win a MM beat battle and I’m now in a position to help new and existing Maschine users. I was able to link up with Swanny River who hosted my very first fully produced mixtape. Through him I was able to get one of my homies from my hometown his own DJ show on Swanny’s new internet radio station. I also was able to get tons of airplay which has connected me with a large amount of people. I was able to drop Global Goods, a beat tape that consisted of alot of Maschine Masters members from all over the world. I was able to launch my own website were I opened my own beat store. Not to mention sell over a dozen beats my first year.I now feature music in the artist spotlight section of my site from alot of MM members.

Maschine Masters Maschine Studio Winner 2     Maschine Masters Maschine Studio Winner 3

Maschine Masters had ALOT to do with my growth. This could not have happend at a better time. With the new additions to my family and my Maschine MK1 usb mishaps, I was begining to think I was doomed. I thought I would be making beats on Fruity Loops with my mouse (not to say theres anything wrong with FL Studio). I wouldn’t have been able to replace my old Maschine for a while. So yes, the timing was perfect and like the homie TRIPLE X said to me on facebook,”everything happens for a reason”. What a blessing. I look forward to rocking with Maschine Masters for many more years. Once again thanks for EVERYTHING. Special thanks to Khrysis for handing me the great news. That was the icing on the cake to have one of my favorite producers tell me I just won the dopest beat machine on the planet.




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