FreeVee Fridays [ Digital Fishphones The Fish Fillets]

FreeVee Fridays [ Digital Fishphones The Fish Fillets]

Ahhhh, here we are again. Another wonderful friday in the digital wilderness. Drink it in ladies and gents; drink it in! After 7 days of experimentation with last weeks “FreeVee” there’s no doubt you’ve got a track that’s ready for a sonic “facelift”. Have no fear, “Scout Leader Tru” is here with another tasty morsel for your “earholes. Digital Fishphones, The Fish Fillets channel insert package.

The Fish Fillets is an effects suite comprised of three channel inserts designed by Sascha Eversmeier a software designer who has used his expertise gained from his long 12 year tenure at Magix. To bring us some much very powerful, full range Vst’s completely free of charge. Check out his site here ( He is currently work as a software designer for U-He you can check his current work here ( The Vst’s in the Fish Fillets bundle include:


BLOCKFISH is a versatile compressor that can be used on vocal or music tracks. There are countless ways to manipulate the incoming audio signals and quite easily I might add! You can also remove the faceplate of BLOCKFISH to further “fine tune” your compressor settings. They also have a number of presets tailored to different recording scenarios. This is good for the musician who are not that technically savvy but have a good idea of the sound they’re looking for. I use this “plug” almost daily as it stacks up quite nicely to it’s high priced competitors in terms of audio quality and is not nearly as processor hungry.


The next cleverly named fillet is a De-Esser by the name of SPITFISH. Spitfish is an easy to use De-Esser, that is best used with mono or stereo vocal tracks. For those of you who don’t know what a De-Esser does; it filters out the harsh sibilants associated with words that contain, B, P, or S sounds. Basically SPITFISH stops your Mic from “spitting” those sibilants back “In Yo Face”. If you’ve ever worked with an artist with a lisp you’ll quickly understand the importance of De-Essing a track.


The third fillet is FLOORFISH. While it doesn’t sound too tasty (and the three second rule does not apply to this). This little gem is an amazing piece of software no one should go without. FLOORFISH is a simple expander / gate device, easy to set up and offers a broad variety of processing, ranging from slight expansion, background noise attenuation to extreme gating effects. The expander is perfect for vocal takes done on a mono track that you want to give the stereo treatment to without recording it twice; or duplicating it and ending up with that annoying flange effect. It’s also a very capable noise gate perfect for those of us who don’t have a vocal booth or any type of acoustic treatment in the room. A noise gate will prevent any audio below a certain Db (decibel) from “opening” the Mic; thus giving you a virtual “booth” What’s really cool about this plug-in is that you can scan the audio source and adjust the transition curve accordingly. I think that’s pretty darn cool considering some of the competing software out there can’t do that.

Once again I’d like to say thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope all of you can benefit from the use of these Plug-ins. I personally use this Plug-In suite because of it’s small “footprint” and it’s ease of use. I’m not exactly an adept engineer; but with these powerful “Plugs” at my fingertips I feel like multi-platinum recodring and mixing engineer Dave Pensado ( The younger darker version). Wanna Try It Out?  Click Here

Till Next Week


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