FreeVee Friday Camel Audio [CamelCrusher]

FreeVee Friday Camel Audio [CamelCrusher]

What’s MM fam? BeatzGalore here, back from the “virtual wild” with another “FreeVee” for ya! We’ve been at this for some time now and I’d like to thank all of you who take the time to read this blog. This week I’m introducing to some and re-introducing others to an amazing Vst brought to us by our friends at Camel Audio ( Camel Audio; based in the UK was founded in 2000 by Ben Gillet and is made up of an eight man team of programmers, sound designers, and “geek” overlords based in the UK. They have won several awards for their outstanding products such as, Electronic Musicians Editors Choice, Keyboard Key Buy and Computer Musics Platinum Award to name a few. They’ve developed some well known, well loved software such as The incomparable Alchemy, the larger than life CamelPhat and The “outta this world” CamelSpace.

Today I’m going to let you in on another “FreeVee” in my personal collection CamelCrusher. Even though the name would suggest; I have a deep seeded hatred and a desire to physically assault our four legged cigarette mascot; I assure you that is not the case. CamelCrusher is a multi-effect plug-in that can color and “Phatten” any signal that is passed through it. It has two different distortion sounds which can be blended together like a musical smoothie to give your sounds their own unique characteristics. It features “Phat mode” which does as it says, an easy to use compressor you can control with one knob, a lovely low-pass filter reminiscent of the analog “beast’s of “yesterday”, a super slick GUI and it’s all at a price point we all can agree with; free!

Most people I know that use this program like to use it on guitar tracks for it’s distortion capabilities and on drum tracks for the “phattening” those kicks or adding resonance to a snare. That’s all well and good but….if your anything like me you wanna see what else you can use it on. I love using the CamelCrusher on vocals believe it or not. I love the way it warms certain artist’s voices and how easily I can “phatten” a “skinny” voice. It’s also great for adding that distorted effect to your voice made popular by “grunge rockers”. It’s got some good presets and I also enjoy the random feature the program has, it helps me “power through” my creative process. Wanna try it out? Click here

I always like to thank the software developers for offering free alternatives to programs that most of us just can’t afford, especially when they give you a “gem” like CamelCrusher that is just as good if not better than a “pay to play” competitor. Thanks Camel Audio for looking out for the “FreeVee” finders out there.

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