FreeVee Friday [Angular Momentum’s KickLab XL]

FreeVee Friday [Angular Momentum’s KickLab XL]

What it do “FreeVee” friday crew (hey that rhymed)? The hunter-gatherer is “back at it like a Craftmatic” (last one I promise) lol! While foraging for some “sonic sustenance”, I came across a dope Vsti called Kicklab XL from Angular Momentum. Kicklab XL is a Vsti dedicated to arguably the most important part of any musical composition; “Da Kick”! It is the “FreeVee mini-me” of Angular Momentums’ extremely awesome KickLab XXL.

Kicklab XL is no “slacker” when it comes to delivering solid, “punchy” kicks to “booming” sub kicks. It’s got an extremely easy to navigate GUI with straightforward control labeling for fast manipulation without having to have a degree in sound design. It features a Sub Oscillator, Sine and TrianglePitch Adjust, Pitch shaper, AD Envelope Generator, Puncher, Click Generator, Filter with LP/HP/BP/Notch/Peak filtermodes and Velocity Tracking. You can also go even deeper into the creation by using the 3 Band EQ, and a very capable saturator.

If sound design isn’t your forte this “baby” comes packed wih 64 Kick Presets, that you will surely find usable for all genres of music. I would recommend this to anyone who hasn’t upgraded to Maschine 2.0 this is a great alternative to the Maschine 2.0’s drum synth, or anyone who enjoys “dabbling” in sound design; because we all know that, that’s one of the key components to making your music stand out in a crowd of “cookie cutter” musicians.

As always I’d like to thank Angular Momentum for providing the musician on a budget with a high quality Vsti that literally can never get old, because the amount of “tweaking” you can do to each of the sounds are limitless, and you can save your creations as presets for future use. Can’t beat that wih a “spiked bat”

Wanna try it out? Click Here

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