Urban Legends Review By EchoSoundWorks.com

Urban Legends Review by Echo SoundWorks

               The word legend is thrown around often. There are sports legends, the legends of the Loch-ness Monster and Bigfoot, and the Legend of Bagger Vance. Now joining that list I’m proud to give you Urban Legends. EchoSoundsWorks (makers of the Urban Sprawl Kit) have released Urban Legends, a library for Native Instruments Massive VST containing 125 Massive presets for your trap, house, and dirty south goodness. EchoSoundWorks.com is quickly establishing themselves in the market of sounds for your productions and they are doing it in such a big way that they demand to not be ignored.

One of my favorite things about this kit is how easy it is to load. I’ll be honest, I’ve never had a 3rd party sound library for Massive, and I was a little unsure on how to install. The installation instructions that came with my download worked incredible well and I was using the sounds in literally 2 minutes.

When you get into the sounds of Urban Legends, make sure you don’t do what I did. Knowing full well I needed to work in the AM I started checking the sounds out later at night, and immediately started to create. The standout section in this sound set are the leads. They are very spacious, many having plenty of reverb, delay, or even phaser effects right on the sound. These sounds will inspire you instantly into diving in to avenues you haven’t gone before. Most of the leads are monophonic, but you have the option to change that (I don’t know why you’d mess with something that’s great already), and there are few polyphonic leads. The sound designers at EchoSoundWorks.com really put the synthesis ability of Massive to the test here and they have done an outstanding job. Some of the leads that stand out are entitled Day Spa, Drizzy, and So 2012.

In addition to the leads Urban Legends packs in basses, pads, some keys and SFX as well to completely make this sound set legendary. I find the basses very interesting here. There are 7 sub basses which I find a bit redundant, but the other bass sounds are well thought out and designed great. Some have a very analog almost moogish sound to them, while others are very digital sounding for our current time. Check out sounds like Side Chain Magnum and Deep Shit to catch onto my point.

For anyone that has the Massive VST and loves it, anyone making trap style beats, hip-hop beats, or remixers this sound set is for you. Urban Legends is a deep library like I said before bound to take you places you never went before. On a scale of 1-16 pads (1 being forced to watch a Whoopi Goldberg nude scene and 16 being photo-shopping yourself into the Kim Kardashian sex tape), Urban Legends rocks us at 14! Make sure you have this in your Massive library pronto!

**PS when you buy this sound set, you get 2 drum kits from the Urban Sprawl Library already mapped for use with your Maschine (Bi-Winning)!!!


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