Twisted Tools Metamorph Review

Twisted Tools Metamorph Review

Twisted Tools has released METAMORPH a sample library of electroacoustic and processed sounds designed by Italian artists BJM Mario Bajardi and Komplex (Iter-Research). The sounds consist of heavily processed acoustic instruments morphed into wild drum hits, noises, textures and effects.

The sample pack weighs in at over 2.1 GB with 1,051 samples, including 283 drum sounds, all of which are 24bit/96khz .wav files. METAMORPH also provides pre-made kits for Maschine, as well as EXS24MKII, Kontakt, Battery, Reaktor and Ableton. In addition, Twisted Tools bundles MP16d, a new version of their beautiful Reaktor sampler with a familiar pad-style layout, which is complemented by Antonio Blanca’s premium custom Lemur template, all for $69.

Beyond all of those samplers, METAMORPH samples sound great processed through Twisted Tools’ own S-LAYER which is easily one of my all-time favourite samplers and Reaktor ensembles. (S-LAYER comes bundled with an excellent Maschine controller template. Check out our YouTube channel for some S-LAYER tutorials, coming soon.)

I have developed very high expectations for Twisted Tools after being continuously impressed with their products over the last two-and-a-half years. Twisted Tools really tops off their products with a lot of added value, like kits made for pretty much any sampler one would want to use. It gives me a lot of piece of mind to know that these sounds are unique (unlike yet another series of 808-style kits) and if I were to switch DAWs or VSTs, my Twisted Tools purchases probably have presets ready and waiting. Their Reaktor work – especially the S-LAYER and MP16 samplers and BUFFEATER effects – have become a staple of my music production and performances, and their sample content releases, beginning with Analogue Microcosm, an incredibly cool collection by sound design legend Richard Devine, has been equally strong.

METAMORPH did not disappoint me. The sounds themselves, having originated from analogue, acoustic instruments, are very rich and are excellent for layering. I think that too often, I end up with samples that all sound the same, and this collection is certainly unlike others. I’m very impressed that despite similar premises, METAMORPH sounds so different from Jedsound’s Transform, an earlier release from Twisted Tools.

METAMORPH is an immense value for the price. Unlike a collection of bread-and-butter drum sounds or one that is painfully fashionable, many producers would probably find lasting use for METAMORPH whose sound is unlike anything else.

Be sure to check out Twisted Tools freebies on their site.

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