Survival Drum Kit Review

Survival Drum Kit Review

            I must admit, that this review has been a bit difficult for me to write. There are so many words in our English language, that to find the right combination to describe the greatness of this kit was a near impossible challenge. The Survival Drum Kit by XClusive-Audio and presented by is exactly what its name implies. This kit is needed for your survival in a world saturated with “producers”. Booming kicks, crispy snares, sizzling hats, and unique percussion make this a must own kit.

            One hundred and forty; that is how many kicks are in this kit, 140. From the simple booming kick, the kick with thud, and the kicks that are meant to be layered, every one of these is special. Some kicks come obviously pre-layered but they work really well in your mixes. While most have a bit of reverb (something I’ve never been to fond of) the effect works very well to add some space into the kicks therefore creating their own space.

            The clap and snare section of the Survival Drum Kit again, is outstanding. The snares have a certain snap to them that just scream “YES!” I mean damn….. most of the snares in this kit are just MEAN!! The snares in here are flat out attention grabbers and are bound to take your hits to the next level. Again, there is some reverb and even a little chorus processing on some of the snares, but they give them a unique character that I think we will all enjoy. The claps on the other hand will give your tracks a breath of fresh air. Very clean sounding, most shine in the 1k range of the EQ. While most claps do have a reverb on them (and even a couple with what appeared to be a grain delay), most will be able to hold their own without any layering while others will surely require some sort of layer.

            It’s a dog eat dog world out here in this music industry, and you need to have the tools to be fitted for survival (no Hunger Games. Sorry for the SUPER corny pun couldn’t resist). I recommend this kit to any and EVERYONE no matter your preferred genre of music. On a scale of 1-16 pads (1 being a Nokia cell phone with a green screen and 16 being a cell phone chip implanted on your tongue), Survival Drum Kit dials in at 14 pads. MAKE SURE you get this kit pronto!!

ALSO, You get a 10% discount by using the code JAMES10 at the purchase page!!! Make sure you use that!!!


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