Ski Beatz Iron Fingers Kit Review

SKi Beatz Iron Fingers Kit Review

It goes without saying that any real Hiphop head knows who Ski Beatz is. Even if they don’t know his entire catalog, they at least know about Reasonable Doubt and Dead Presidents, and that Ski is no stranger to crafting dope Hiphop joints. Blap Blap Blap! So when dude drops a kit, most of us Hiphop head producers will surely be checking for it.

Onward and upward to what’s on the menu today…. Producers Choice and Ski Beatz got together to release Vol.1 of his new “Iron Fingers” Kit. I just took some time to mess around with it myself, and I must say there are some dope one shots in this joint. This ain’t one of them kits where there are more sounds than you can handle, and only a seldom few are good and useable. I can actually see myself using a majority of these sounds in my personal productions. I actually had to stop myself just a few minutes ago from making a joint with the sounds, and actually focus on writing this review instead, hahaha, guess I got carried away.

As for the Specs and details, the kit is made up of 100 sounds in total, and includes 25 Kicks, 25 Snares, 25 Hats, and 25 Live Percussion joints. You can hear that many of the sounds are stacked/layered, and they have definitely been compressed and EQ’d just the way Ski likes em, and then passed on directly to you for use in your own productions. The kit comes in .wav format and you will get 16bit and 32bit versions of the sounds from Producers Choice when you purchase and download this kit.

I could go on about which sounds I like the best, which ones Slap the loudest, which joints bang the most, or you could just check out the Demo’s over at Producers Choice and hear for yourself!
 Are you still reading this? Seriously? Yo stop playin’ son! GO COP THIS ONE NOW!!

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