Rob Papen Explorer 2 Preview

Rob Papen Explorer 2 Bundle Preview

            Everyday I’m asked, “What VSTs are you using?” or, “What are some good quality VSTs worth having?” This is a never fail, and I mean never. I’m always happy to answer and always give my 2 cents about products that I use and thoroughly enjoy. Rob Papen (@RobPapen), reknown globally for his outstanding sound design, has a package containing 6 VSTi’s (Predator, Blue, Blade, SubBoomBass, Punch, and RG) and 4 effect plugins (PredatorFX, RP-Delay, RP-Verb, and RP-Distort) at an outstanding value for you! Over the next few weeks, Maschine Masters will be featuring one of these plugin instruments in a review to help you get to know Rob Papen and the Explorer 2 bundle. Here are a couple of small pieces of info in each instrument to gain your attention, but not steal all the thunder from the full reviews.

            Blue is a powerful synth with multiple oscillators, a heavy arp among others that make this a very unique synth to have in your collection. While Blade is a synth featuring the Harmolator, a unique oscillator that will change harmonic content of the waveform and 14 filters. Punch is an all-out drum machine with synthesis capabilities to mold your own drum kit.  My personal favorite, SubBoomBass is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a VSTi that delivers that BOOM for your tracks. Predator is an incredible sounding synth with over 4,000 presets to use in all walks of music. Lastly, RG gives us that guitar player that’s we’ve all been looking for, but haven’t yet found.

            Rob Papen’s Explorer 2 bundle is a steal for any producer if you ask me. Make sure you stay tuned to each week to catch the featured Rob Papen VSTi. You can already get a feel for what Predator is like by checking out the review that’s been released.

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